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Reported by Stota Fountain

Daulot and Stota had the good fortune of receiving an invitation to a gala at the Mountaineers Climbing Club in Seattle, honoring Reinhold Messner. Photo credit: Matt Hagen

Reinhold Messner held the Peace Torch and offered his wish for world peace at the reception and book signing in Seattle. Photo credit: Matt Hagen

Reinhold and Diane Messner listen as Daulot and Stota Fountain speak about the Peace Run. Reinhold then signed a copy of his book Reinhold Messner My Life at the Limit: “For the Peace Run” Photo credit: Mat Hagen

Reinhold Messner is a world-renowned high-altitude mountaineer, climber, adventurer, and author. He holds many legendary achievements including: First person to solo Mt Everest without the use of supplemental oxygen, climbed all fourteen of the world’s 8,000+ meter peaks without the use of supplemental oxygen, many of these climbs were solo and unassisted. He is the founder of the Messner Mountain Foundation and Messner Mountain Museum, with a mission to pass on the values and heritage of mountain culture, raise awareness around sustainable mountaineering and support the people of high-altitude mountain communities. Reinhold is the author of dozens of books about his adventures.
Notes from Reinhold Messner keynote address 4-6-24 Mountaineers Gala event in Seattle:
“…Mountaineering for me is a cultural issue and not only a sportive issue. Mountaineering…in my way has 3 dimensions: a spiritual dimension, a psychical dimension, and a physical dimension. And all of these are very important….I like infinite space, absolute silence, and the possibility to be on my own…and specially to be responsible…
“If we overcome our fears in wild places, we can know who we are.”
“I’m an adventurer. Wildness is our holy ground. We should defend it with all our possibilities.”

Torch carried by
Daulot Fountain (United States), Stota Fountain (United States).  
Daulot Fountain

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