Uruguay 3 June: Punto del Diablo - CHUY


Local events in Punto del Diablo und

Oh boy! The last day for our team!!
We got up early and went to the beach to enjoy the sunrise and take some running shots.

Our last run into the oneness and fulness of tomorrow´s sun:) in Uruguay.

Anita flying along the ocean.

We set of to the school in Punto del Diablo. And we will miss our four-legged-friends too. A lot.

...and more dogs on the way.

The children prepared a very nice banner to welcome us.

Does it help to create peace if you don´t let you your friend run with the torch? (You guessed it: not really)

The principal Adrina Dianezzi happily receiving our certificate of appreciation.

...and the torch bearer award!

Run run run run run run...

Boats and doves made for us!

Happy together.

The school even prepared a wall for us to write the names and countries of the team members.

Which we gladly did with all the artistic capacity at our command.

And they are planning to engage an artist who is going to turn this wonderful output in a real peace of art (good luck with that!:))

Some last minute autographs.

We really love the town!

It is simply a perfect vacation spot especially now in the low season when you can basically habe the whole beach for you alone.

I think everyone of us could easily have spent a few more days here.

Nick is still in the writing-my-name-mode...

And here is our dear and fearless and cool and inspired and relaxed and super well prepared team captain. THANK YOU DEAR BANSHIDHAR for the great time and your loving preparation and care!!

Vaibhava + rocks = something happening:)

Fly for peace!

After we finished in Punto del Diablo we drove to Chuy (we ran this part the previous day) and met some students from the escuela tecnica Chuy at city border who accompanied us on a run through Chuy to their school.

Flags always look great in sunlight!

Life is kinda more relaxed here.

Wonderful reception! Thank you Chuy!

Peace within.

She performed a really nice song.

...with most students joining in.

Game of table soccer in the school yard.

Atul trying his luck as a corn seller.

Last hugs and off we go...

Our field kitchen - Chintamani serving yersterdays noodles from the van.

Back in Montevideo we meet the Brasilian team to have a dinner together and hand over the keys of the vans. It was a very warm and heartfelt welcome.

The Last Supper.

Great thanks to everybody who made this experience possible!!

Thank you Chile, thank you Argentina, thank you Uruguay!