Abr. 21, 2024 Live from the road

Queens, NY - Princeton, NJ

Reported by Pransukh Marks 56.0 mi

Loading up the R.V. for our 10,000 mile journey.

Last minutes before start the journey.

Ready for launch...

Let there be light.  First run of the day!

Kind ladies asked the Peace Run Team about what we are doing. They got the opportunity to pose with the torch and got details about the Peace Run relay how to get updated.  Check us out at peacerun.org

On the run.

We arrive at the largest Buddha Statue in North America.

Offering incense

Receiving blessing bracelets.

Thank you with Metta (Kindness)! Venerable Bhanthe Humgampola Sriirathana Nayaka Thero and the New Jersey Buddhist Vihara and Meditation Center.

Buddham saranam gachami

It was a soulful ceremony

Sweta from Nepal proudly hoists the Peace Run flag

We meet many fellow peace lovers on the road!

Girls team gets ready to run!

Great job!

Preetidutta gets in some extra reps

Next location:Islamic Society of Central Jersey (ISCJ).  4145 US-1, Monmouth Junction, NJ 08852

We would especially like to thank Imam Hamad Ahmad Chelbli and Dawud Assade for their warm welcome and thoughtful encouragement.

Dawud Assade receives the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Torch-Bearer Award for his many years of service to the community.

Singing the Peace-Run song.  May peace be with you and me and the whole world!

Durga Mandir Temple in Princeston NJ was our next visit.

We were humble welcomed by Bikki Jaggi and Brij Sharma. Thank you for your wise words and blessings!

Peace run comes the historic Princeton University

Our gracious hosts Putrima and Gagane with their friend Elvira.

Team arrives at gracious hosts Putrima and Gagana's


Father Tom finishes the day by offering some inspiring Christian parables.

So kind of you to welcome us into to your home, feed us and give us shelter!

Subhamaya (Tom) and Srutavinda, fantastic job organizing the the days events! Thank you for providing the delicious lunch.

Our beautiful sponsors! Subhamaya (Tom), Srutavinda, Putrima and Gagana.

Today really reminded us of the best qualities of America: Generosity, Freedom of religion, and a wide welcoming Heart! Very auspicious first day out on the road!

Let us finish with a quote from Sri Chinmoy about religion:

My religion Lovingly and cheerfully  Bows to all the other religions, For each religion Is a direct God-representative Here on earth.

Torch carried by
Amalendu Edelsten (Australia), Arpan DeAngelo (United States), Harita Davies (New Zealand), Jozsef Dicso (Hungary), Pransukh Marks (United States), Preetidutta Thorpe (New Zealand), Puroga Theobald (Hungary), Salil Wilson (Australia), Saranyu Pearson (Australia), Sweta Pradhan (Nepal), Thamara Paiva (Brazil), Uugantsetseg Otgonbayar (Mongolia).  
Accompanied by  
Srutavinda (United States), Subhamaya (Tom) (United States), Gagana & Putrima
Jozsef Dicso
The torch has travelled 56.0 mi from Queens, NY to Princeton, NJ.

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