Austria 23 April: Mariazell - Krieglach

Happy Day

In Mariazell children from the Primary School and Middle School are waiting for us on the sports field.

The Mayor, Mr Manfred Seebacher, receives a Certificate from the Peace Run team.

The directors of the schools, Christine Lasinger and Anna Lechner receive Certificates too.

THe run with the Peace Torch starts slowly ....

.... but soon speeds up!

Our next visit is to a school in Mürzzuschlag.

Thank you to the Director Alea Zeilbauer for a wonderful welcome!

In another part of Mürzzuschlag we meet children from the Middle School.

The Mayor receives the torch.

THe Director of the School receives a Jharna Kala painting by Sri Chinmoy.

The children are keen to run with us and lead us up the hill.

Feet on the ground.

Feet in the air!

In Langenwang we are met by schoolchildren.

Gabriel makes a dramatic entrance!

The Vice Mayor of Lagenwang receives the torch.

Students from Krieglach run to meet us and carry the torch to their town.

Our final destination for the day in Krieglach.

Thank you to the Event Hotel Pyramide in Vienna for supplying us with accommodation, dinner and breakfast!