United States 23 April: South Boston, VA - RALEIGH, NC

Heading South into North Carolina

The boys began by making lunch.

One team started running our miles while the other two teams planned to visit our first school of the day.

The women's team covered most of the miles from Virginia into North Carolina.

Thanks to Glendora S. Hargrave who the girls met on the road. She was kind enough to buy coconut water for the whole team.

The first stop for the day after leaving the Wyndam Garden Marriott was Chase City Elementary where an inspired counselor Kelly Colgate wore a peace uniform. We had a feeling we were in for a very special time. We were right!

We ran into the school and through their corridors. The students lined the halls welcoming us together with their thoughtful artworks, many in different mediums. We almost covered a mile (we think!) before reaching the gymnasium where some of the really young students were waiting for us. We eventually made it to some third graders and around 70 children.

We answered many insightful questions. They gave us their banner and some of their beautiful thoughts on peace with Goethe’s quote ‘Nothing is worth more than this day,’ embossed on the note pad they used.

Mrs Colgate showed us her room, she is involved in humanitarian service and calls her projects H.O.P.E. Which stands for Helping Other People Everyday. She was very inspirational as were all the teachers at the school.

Mrs. Colgate's collection of items to make available for people who needed them was abundant and truly amazing.

Our second school visit at C.G. Credle Elementary School was equally enthusiastic as the first. Welcomed by Principal Julie Finch.

Principal Mrs Finch with her students.

We ran past their welcoming banner and the local reporter, again past many artworks. It is always great when teachers get the kids involved in fostering the message of peace that the Peace Run carries.

Sweta gives a clue about her country with a traditional Russian dance.

A student finds Russia on the map.

The teachers ran around the kids much to their delight.

Harita and Akbota use skits to show 'is this harmony'?

Nickolas and Grahak have a skit as well.

Thumbs up to 'is this harmony or not?'

The rest of the team finally gets their coconut water gift. Thanks to Ms. Hargraves.

The boys left the school to cover their miles on a busy highway. Busy but beautiful. With the trees already bursting with Spring life.

The busy traffic was complemented by narrow shoulders so we had to run on the sloping grass often, not easy on the legs!

Thank you to La Quinta Inn & Suites in Cary, NC for the excellent accommodations. We really enjoyed our stay