Juni 7, 2022 Live from the road

Perg - Melk

Reported by Salil Wilson, Vaibhava Kuschnow 82.0 km

Our morning began by dropping by Perg Primary School.

The students had done some remarkable artwork.

Feeling peace in our hearts is always a productive way to begin the day.

Special thanks to school director Andrea Starzer for arranging our visit.

Here's a few of Austria's real heroes who are dedicating their lives on a daily basis to serve the future of Austria in the wonderful young people we have the good fortune to meet.

The river Danube. our constant companion.

Our veteran runner from Finland still looks very fresh after running 5k

Volksschule Baumgartenberg enthusiastically awaited our arrival.

Smiles all around.

Thank you for the heartfelt welcome.

IT Mittleschule and Primary schule gave us a fantastic welcome. When all students sang "We are the world - we are the children" some of us had a hard time to fight tears...

Can you guess our countries?? :)

Poetry readings.

Mr. Fraundorfer, the principal of the primary school is putting a wish for peace into the torch

The principal of the NMS, Andreas Kastenhofer, is receiving the certificate of appreciation

Passing the peace torch to the children

There is always some magic in holding the Peace Torch

And of course it would not be a proper Peace Run program without a run!

Lot's of new friends.

We had some nice running in just the right amount of rain

Krummnussbaum Secondary School met us and shared their enthusiasm for peace.

We were surprised how international the school is - they have many students from different countries including Ukraine and Tahiti!

New Peace Runners.

At some point we had to split the team because the schedule was really tight. Our girls team went to Ybbs for the inauguration of a Peace Tree, while the boys team visited a school in Krummnussbaum

A class of the local sport school and the mayor, Ulrike Schachner, had joined us

A moment of peace...

Mayor Ulrike Schachner holding the Peace Torch

A peace tree - an apple tree which is the second tree to be planted in Ybbs - is planted at a playground right next to the Danube

Thank you!!

Running along the cycle path by the Danube. This is a very popular cycling route. Everyday we see hundreds of touring cyclists who are doing this tour.

The Mayor of Pöchlarn, Mr Franz Heisler was very kind to receive the Peace Run team and offer us some refreshments

...and even to run with us for a few meters. Pöchlarn is the partner city of Riedlingen an der Donau in Germany, a city we visited just a few days ago

sooo many things to choose from...

The woman holding the Peace Torch was very excited about the idea of the Peace Run and served us very kindly in her cafe speaking to us in many languages

Our boys accommodation in Melk was kindly sponsored by Mr. Berger in his apartment hotel. We even got an extra early breakfast!
Thank you very much!

Torch carried by
Fatima Caal Caal (Guatemala), Gordana Petrovčić (Croatia), Ingrid Oswald (Austria), Jatnaban Sinilaine (Finland), Jovana Milenković (Serbia), Layamut Tehrani (Iran), Liana Pinto Tibaquira (Guatemala), Maralika Karl-Schurian (Austria), Mirabel Gonzalez Lopez (Guatemala), Miryam Wendl (Austria), Nidhruvi Zimmermann (Austria), Rathya Karl (Austria), Salil Wilson (Australia), Sananda Fitzgerald (Austria), Sandro Zincarini (Italy), Soham Schlosser (Austria), Tatyana Troyanovich (Ukraine), Vaibhava Kuschnow (Austria).  
Goga Petrovcic, Sandro Zincarini, Vaibhava Kuschnow
The torch has travelled 82.0 km from Perg to Melk.

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