Oct. 22, 2015 Live from the road

Pinjarra, WA - Armadale, WA

Reported by Anubha Baird, Grahak Cunningham 30.0 km

The team left Pinjarra this morning for a day of four ceremonies and four peace trees.

Enjoying the cooler weather, the boys team took the first leg ...

... the girls the second.

Soon, we ran into Serpentine Primary.

Principal Lynne Cooper greeted us as we made our way to the undercover area.

This was the smallest school of the day but certainly one of the best.

All the students got to hold the torch.

The smiling children gave us energy to keep going for the rest of the day but not before a Peace Tree plaque was handed over to be installed at a later date to reinforce the Peace Run message.

Next was Huntingdale Primary School.

Seven hundred well behaved children ...

... looked very much in sync as they performed the World Harmony Run song movements in time and together ...

... just like we have to be all together for world peace to occur.

Deputy Principal Mark Pemberton ...

... and Principal Edd Black were really inspiring and greeted us.

A local reporter from the Comment News came and dilingently took photos.

Lining up for the race.

Two torches were bought out to cater for the huge population of students, diverse as the world we live in.

Our final school for the day was South Thornlie Primary, again a big one. Four hundred children.

Principal Graeme Edwards looked fit enough to join the team, and apart from a sore knee, he may have done just that.

Their new tree near the basketball court was dedicated a peace tree with the senior students in attendance before our main ceremony.

Afterwards the school gathered on the oval ...

... some students even getting the double torch hold.

The final ceremony for the day was a delightful meeting at Martin Park in the City of Armadale with the Mayor of Armadale, Cr Henry Zenoles, Cr Guenter Best and Paul Lanterneir, the Manager of Parks Services at Martin Park.

This park is a beautifully landscaped, reflective space close to the Armadale CBD.

After offering us a very warm welcome to the City of Armadale ...

... the Mayor dedicated one of the beautiful trees in park as a ‘Peace Tree’ with a plaque with the aphorism by Sri Chinmoy which reads:  “Silence is the seed.  Peace is the tree.”

Congratulations to Mayor Zenoles for being re-elected last Saturday for his third term as Mayor.

He is a Mayor with a truly wonderful team and unshakable commitment to making Armadale an ever-transcendingly beautiful place to work and live.

Thank you also to Paul (o the far right) for choosing such a perfect location for the ‘Peace Tree’.

Thsi evening our boys team are staying as honoured guests of the Perth Sri Chinmoy Centre, while our girls team are thrilled to be reunited with our friends at The Murray Hotel.

Torch carried by
Amalendu Edelsten (Australia), Anubha Baird (Australia), Batbayar Bayarkhuu (Mongolia), Grahak Cunningham (Australia), Hastakamala Diaz (Australia), Medhavati Nasan-ULzil (Mongolia), Prabuddha Nicol (Australia), Rajpal File (New Zealand), Rathin Boulton (Australia), Saranyu Pearson (Australia).  
Hastakamala Diaz, Rathin Boulton
The torch has travelled 30.0 km from Pinjarra, WA to Armadale, WA.

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