March 10, 2023 Live from the road

Wollongong, NSW - Nowra, NSW

Reported by Harita Davies, Stacey Marsh 91.0 km

An early morning shot of Paramananda running at the beach in Wollongong

Thank you to Grahak's brother Ian and his partner Kerryn for hosting the men's team last night.

Our first school for the day was at Coniston Public School.

A perfect school to come to to start our day.

The capital of my country is Bogota...

A country really close to here...

My country looks a little bit like a tea pot...

Singing the Peace Run song.

Now that is peaceful!

Super enthusiastic school Principal, Rhonda, feeling peace inside her heart.

Teaching the students the World Harmony Run Song.

School representatives receiving a certificate of appreciation and art work by Peace Run founder, Sri Chinmoy.

To recognise the most important role they play in bringing peace to the world, we invited the teachers to come up and run with the Peace Torch while the students applauded.

Grahak passing the Peace Torch to all the students.

Just yesterday Coniston School launched a 100 laps running challenge...

All the students are encouraged to to run as many laps as they want to before school and to try and make it to a 100 laps during the school term. Today they had nearly the whole school there before we arrived running upwards of 7 laps!

A great way to finish a super fun time with the students of Coniston School!

Thank you so much to the teachers and students!

Harita and Gesiane met some friendly people as they ran on to the next school.

Grahak's brother Ian joined us for the second school of the day\ - see any similarity??

Running the torch in to St Therese Primary.

The school invited the parents to also attend the Peace Run ceremony and it was great to see the teachers, parents and students all participating.

Ian giving some hard clues to the students to guess where he is from ... Wollongong.

Rathin was born in Canada\ - always an easy guess!


Feeling the peace.

Seeing the peace.

Reading out the message on the Certificate of Appreciation.

Thank you so much to all the teachers!

We were welcomed by Rhonda, the School Principal and a fellow runner who shared with us the great things they are doing to help promote fitness and health in their school.

All the students lined up to pass the Peace Torch and feel peace inside their hearts.

One group of students then came to run with us on the sports field before we departed for our run to Nowra.

The team regrouping before embarking on the run to Nowra.

Narantuya handing over to Mirabel...

The women's team ran through the streets of Wollongong on their way to Gerringong.

Harita and Gesiane starting the first leg of the Kiama Coastal Walk...

... which is a 20km walk along the coast to Gerringong.

Some spectacular views and varied terrain took us all the way to Gerringong.

The final two girls had an 8km run mostly off road....

... along the cliff tops.

A beautiful beach for a quick swim before heading to our accommodation tonight.

The men's team had a lovely run along the white sand beaches.

A big thank you to our host for the evening and good friend, Jon Schol.

Jon kindly arranged our accommodation at the local cross country course.

A perfect night in Nowra to finish a great day!

Torch carried by
Abhijatri Robinson (South Africa), Fatima Caal Caal (Guatemala), Gabriel Quentana (Guatemala), Gesiane Nascimento (Brazil), Grahak Cunningham (Australia), Harita Davies (New Zealand), Liana Pinto Tibaquira (Guatemala), Mirabel Gonzalez Lopez (Guatemala), Narantuya Batsaihan (Mongolia), Paramananda . (Indonesia), Rathin Boulton (Australia), Stacey Marsh (New Zealand).  
Abhijatri Robinson, Harita Davies, Narantuya Batsaihan
The torch has travelled 91.0 km from Wollongong, NSW to Nowra, NSW.

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