March 23, 2023 Live from the road

Canberra, ACT

Reported by Susan Marshall

The Sri Chinmoy 48 Hour Track Festival draws some of the world's best runners to Canberra. Here Camille Herron meets with Martin Fryer and Susan Marshall at My Rainbow-Dreams for a pre-race catch-up.

This morning one of the stars of this year's Australian Peace Run also came to Canberra for tomorrow's 48 hour race.

The Peace Run occasionally chooses to offer special commendation to someone who embodies the spirit of the Peace Run, and today we offered this to Annabel Hepworth, Australian women’s 1,000km record holder.

Position and achievement are not prerequisites in creating a life of peace. But Annabel, alongside her long list of records and races run, brings to the world of ultra-running enthusiasm, lightness, energy, and fun. Her bright personality and peppy spirit are the calm exterior of a deep determination and grit. Alongside a clear head for troubleshooting, these qualities have propelled her into the sky of ultra running stars.

The Australian Peace Run team was uplifted by the presence of Annabel on our Sydney section, and unanimously voted to present her the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run Torch Bearer Award.

Camille Herron has flown from the USA for her first 48 hour track race. Camille holds numerous World Records and has established herself as one of the most respected and admired pioneers in the world of ultra running. 

Camille was delighted to hold the Peace Torch which has just completed its journey from Brisbane to Canberra, on the eve of her big race at the AIS Athletics Track in Canberra.

Camille is accompanied by her husband, coach and greatest supporter, Conor Holt.

Torch carried by
Susan Marshall (New Zealand).  
Accompanied by  
Annabel Hepworth, Camille Herron, Conor Holt
Balarka Robinson

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