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Stacey Marsh, New Zealand

I have been part of the Peace Run for about 10 years now. Every year when I take those first few steps with the torch, I feel a renewed hope and promise for our world family. There is something so very special about the Peace Run, it is more than just running with a torch or talking to the children and people we meet along the way. It is a connecting of our shared hopes and dreams for a better world. I have never run a step for Peace in Australia before and am looking forward to this journey.

Steve Elliott, Australia

I am from Brisbane. I feel somehow running is something I have always loved but never understood what it can really achieve. How it can transform and help you go within. Over the last few years my running capacity has increased enormously, having completed two half marathons in Queensland. I am looking forward to heading out at the end of April on the Peace Run for three and half months.

Drishalu Grunstaudl, Austria

Emily Oliver, New Zealand

Amalendu Edelsten, Australia

Pathik Kozub, Czech Republic


Lumir Ostadal, Czech Republic

Udayachal Senkyr, Czech Republic

Abhejali Bernadova, Czech Republic

I think my first Peace Run experience goes back to 1996 or 1997. Since then I took part whenever I could, either organizing or running or both. Only in recent years I was able to join for longer periods of time – 2008 was my first “more than a few days” Run. It was part of the US leg. I planned to stay for 3 weeks, but then had to change my flight to stay for a week longer… It is always very difficult to leave the Peace Run / Harmony Run world, I usually have tears in my eyes. Two years later I joined for another part of the Run, this time for 4 weeks right away. Last year I went to Ireland and the United Kingdom.

The Peace Run is the best way to learn about a country – by seeing it at 10km/h speed. You can feel the breath of the country and its people as well as see its outer beauty. You also make very good friends on the team, which is great.

Salil Wilson, Australia

My first experience with the Peace Run was running from Adelaide to Brisbane. Those first few weeks, particularly from Adelaide to Melbourne were absolutely magical. I was twenty-four at the time and I remember getting back into the van after each Run and being so happy and grateful to be having this remarkable, larger than life experience. I loved everything about it - the movement, the newness, the beauty, the people, the children - it was and still is heaven.

I am extra-ordinarily fortunate to be able to serve as Executive Director - it is the most rewarding and enriching thing that I can do with my life.

Prachar Stegemann, Australia

Prachar has participated in every Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run and World Harmony Run held in Australia since the event's inception in 1987, both as a runner and organiser. This year he is coordinating the Run's involvement with the Canberra Centenary, and joining the team where time permits.

Harita Davies, New Zealand

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to take part in the Australian Peace Run! It is a wonderful opportunity for me to actively combine the aspects of life that I am most inspired about and love...running, the beauty and profundity of Creation, my hopes and dreams for Peace on Earth, and my love and belief in the inherent goodness and oneness of humanity as a whole.

Helena Mazakova, Czech Republic

I love running but also nature and people (and mostly children and their enthusiasm!) I also used to be teacher of primary school. I am going to run peace run this year in Australia. I am very very much looking forward, because every time it is SO GREAT TO RUN! I was running harmony run before in Czech republic two times and once in Iceland. So this is my fourth year of running. I am very grateful for this wonderful opportunity to enjoy Love, Oneness and other beautiful things, which are inside us with other people, nature and all world. Thank you.

Zina Palic, Moldova

I like the Peace Run very much. I feel that I am really doing something that will help our Earth to become a Oneness-Home for mankind. My first Peace Run was in 1996, and I was running in Moldova, Ukraine and USA. I am very grateful to have this golden opportunity to run in Australia with Sri Chinmoy's message for Peace and Oneness.

Varunavi Glabnikova, Slovakia

I work in an international organization associated with the United Nations which provides support for health systems in the least developed countries.

I love multicultural environments and I am a keen promoter of oneness among nations and cultures.

Among other sports I enjoy a lot besides running are skiing and beach volleyball.

Antara-Prabhat Kalajian, USA

As you can see, I've been participating in the Peace Run since childhood. This year, I have the privilege of joining the team from Adelaide to Perth!

Oyungerel Seded, Mongolia

Bayarkhuu Batbayar, Mongolia


Asankita Bell, New Zealand

I love running, I love peace. Hand in hand these two compliment each other. I have been involved with the Peace for about 10 years now and it's amazing to see the changes in peoples lives we make by passing the symbolic torch hand to hand, heart to heart. Everyday we see a brighter future out on the road and hopefully we can inspire you to be involved helping this message become an ever closer reality. I have never ran with the peace torch in Australia, so I am looking forward to it immensely, from seeing the beautiful landscape and meeting the wonderful people...see you out there on the Road!

Nelson Myers-Daly, New Zealand

I am so grateful I can be part of the Australian peace run this year. I have been fortunate to have run the Peace Run in quite a few countries and by being part of this, it has shown me how beautiful the world is, especially the people.

The reason why I am part of the peace run is because it gives me a wider view on cultures, religions and countries and how they all rely on one quality which is love.

Grahak Cunningham, Australia

Grahak is doing the run because he loves the feeling of helping spread the idea of peace to the public through the run. 'The peace run is really motivational,' Grahak says, 'it is inspiring for the peace run team and everyone who gets to hold the torch.' He has run been on Peace Runs in China, Malaysia, Bali, Vanuatu, New Zealand and Iceland. He has also had the motivation to complete the world's longest race four times in between peace runs!

Akanda Norov, Mongolia

Hastakamala Diaz, Australia

I started running in 2001 and have been fortunate to participate in the Peace run in various parts of the great and vast country of Australia. However I have never been on the run in Western Australia and I am from Perth!!! So running into Perth this year will be a real boost! I look forward particularly to meeting with people who have a sincere wish for peace and harmony in their community, country and the world at large. One of my most treasured experiences on the run was in 2005 Tasmania when the whole school assembly in Launceston sung 'We are the world'. Indeed we are the world!

Anubha Baird, Australia

Rathin Boulton, Australia

I first participated on the Peace Run in 2007, where I ran from Townsville to Brisbane in my one-time home state of Queensland. I plan to run a similiar route this year! Besides the Peace Run, I have taken part in a few multi-day running races, including the Self-Transcendence 3100-Mile Race (four times), and the Self-Transcendence six-day race.

This time I plan not to repeat mistakes from previous years, which involved, among other things, a) trying to catch up on foot to Sunshine Coast ultra running legend Gary Parsons with a couple of bottles of water to slake his thirst, whilst he remained an ever-receding dot on the horizon, b) not resetting my watch to account for the half-hour time difference between South Australia and Victoria. We thought the local school was unusually glad/relieved to see us when we arrived!


Roos de Waart, Holland

In Holland it’s flat and always raining and there is wind. I have not been to Australia yet. I live in Austria at the moment. Sounds almost like Australia, only they don’t have kangaroos. I started participating in the Word Harmony Run in 2007, before that I had never been running, or doing sports. I studied for Piano technician and tuning and mechanical engineering. I have played cello for many years. My cello’s name is Igor. He is a great fan of the Peace Run and he follows the website every day. In 2008 I did a long stretch running in Europe, but instead of with the Torch, I ran most of the time with the lamp oil. Now I can’t run without it anymore.

Sukhajata Cranfield, New Zealand

I used to run marathons and now I enjoy running with the Peace Torch. On the Peace Run you discover that wherever you go, you can find friendly and generous people. That makes me feel more at home in the world.

Irina Pobeda, Russia

I am from Vladivostok and have been involved in the Peace Run since 2008. In 2012 I ran with the Peace Run from Vladivostok to Krasnoyarsk – 44 days running more than 10kms a day. I have also run in Japan twice in the last few years and am looking forward to coming to Australia to run from Darwin to Brisbane.

Saranyu Pearson, Australia

I have been running since 2003 and have participated in all torch relays in Australia since then. Also one each in NZ and Malaysia and opening ceremonies in New York. I look forward to my time on the road each year and especially enjoy interacting with the children and communities we meet.

Ion Frunza, Moldova

I came to know about the World Harmony Run/Peace Run in 2005. Before, I only had heard something that people are running with a flaming torch and meet people, and there is such joy… This was all I knew when I came out of our van full of eager runners, at the border, to welcome in Moldova two other vans full of eager runners from all Europe. That was also the moment when I learnt that the next 5 days I will translate the meetings we would have in the cities along the route.

So it started for me and, although my running capacity at that time was not impressive, the promised joy and smiles were not long to wait. It was all about meeting kind people, passing to them the Torch and all the cheerfulness and goodwill it brought from other kind people, from so many countries… It is always so inspiring to share happy moments with people we meet on the road, to have that intimate feeling that you have just met your friends, and that all we are members of a family as big as the world.

With the experiences I had through years on the Run in Moldova, Romania, Ukraine and Russia, now I foretaste my coming on the Peace-Blossom Continent Australia to join the Peace Run from Adelaide to Canberra. What a great adventure awaits me! It will be my longest participation in the Peace Run.

Elsa, Argentina

My name is Elsa and I like running along the streets in Buenos Aires City. I have been participating in races organized by the City Sport Department once a month since 2011. I love to practice sports –weightlifting, bicycle, rollers and so forth. But I get the most moving feeling when I see that there is a huge family in every small corner of the world doing so many things together. I truly feel this is a great Awakening of oneness.

Samalya Schaefer, Germany

I am from Berlin, Germany and I will be joining the team from Darwin to Brisbane. It will be my first time in Australia and also the first Peace Run I ever run. I am highly motivated to do the run, because I feel that this is a great opportunity.

Noivedya Juddery, Australia

Noivedya has been running in Peace Runs since 1991 - mainly in Australia, but also in Britain, Indonesia, Fiji, Iceland, the USA, Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia. More recently, he has worked as an organiser, but this year, he plans to return to one of his favourite running spots - the wide Outback of the Northern Territory.

Tom McGuire, New Zealand

I have been a peace runner for nearly 8 years. On a few occasions I helped carry the peace torch across the length of New Zealand. In 2012 I ran from New York to Seattle via California. This journey changed my life as I became more aware of how our entire planet is interconnected. The Peace Run helps you to appreciate that we are drops in the ocean of a vast human family, joined by bonds of love that we can continually strengthen through acts of goodwill.

Kaspars Zakis, Latvia

I have been part of the Peace Run in Europe and Russia, and had the privilege of being the Peace Run coordinator for Latvia.

Australia is the nicest country I have been to!

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