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Robyn Archer


Robyn Archer AO CdOAL is a figure of enduring renown. Gaining international prominence in the 1970s and 80s with her one-woman shows including "A Star is Torn", "The Pack of Women" and "Tonight Lola Blau," Robyn is also a world-leading exponent of German and French cabaret songs. Composer, singer, performer, recording artist, playwright, author, theatre director and compelling public speaker, Robyn is now sought after the world over as a Director of Arts Festivals, including the Adelaide Festival of the Arts, the Melbourne International Arts Festival and Festivals throughout Europe and North America. Robyn is presently the Creative Director for the Centenary of Canberra, a year-long celebration of the role of Canberra as the emblematic Capital of a thriving Nation.

Characterising all of Robyn's work is an outpouring of heart; an all-encompassing passion and commitment to communicate, to engage and to uplift. Her boundless energy carries a surge of creative enthusiasm which surrounds and embraces all in her orbit.

Uncompromising, unconventional and always true to her inner self, Robyn Archer is a constant fountain of inspiration for women; for artists; for all of us seeking meaning and purpose in our lives.

The Peace Run is honoured to offer the Torch-Bearer Award to Robyn Archer, a blazing beacon of hope, promise and joy for all.