May 17, 2015 Live from the road


Reported by Arpan DeAngelo, Jagadhata Amrhien 15.0 km

Pratyaya, our most gracious host, shares the Peace Torch with our running team before our Peace Run through parts of the beautiful city of Ottawa.

Gautami and the women's team lead the way to the Rideau Canal where we would run most of the morning.

Along the way we were greeted by locals who wanted to share the torch.

Pushparani from Ottawa leads the way.

Baladev with torch and Jagadhata lead the way in this section of the beautiful Riduea Canal running route.

The Rideau Canal covers about 7 Km (over 4 miles) through Central Ottawa.

Atmavir, from the Czech Republic leads the team part of the way.

Salil, Executive Director of the Peace Run, causes a stir with a local duck as he carries the Torch.

Jumping for Joy.

The Annual Tulip festival was in full bloom as we enjoyed many colorful gardens of beautiful tulips.

A short respite among the colorful tulips.

Some of the locals were interested in our Peace Run and offered their goodwill and wishes for Peace.

We ended this portion of the run by this jolly green giant.

Movin' to the music before our run to the stage.

We then took the torch to one of the stages at the Tulip Festival.

We made our presentation to a crowd of people gathered in this area of the park.

There were many families who had just enjoyed the clown's uplifting and joyful performance.

Smiles and joy as we passed the torch to this colorful clown on his departure.

One of our songs offers the audience an opportunity to participate in our presentation of peace and harmony.

Children of all ages enjoyed sharing the torch.

Three of our Peace Runners enjoy this beautiful day in the park along with the crowds who came to celebrate the flowers, the sun, peace and harmony.

Atmavir passes the torch to soe of the children.

Medur holds the torch with this family from the Ukraine and our Ukranian peace runner, Valerie.

A family from Quebec holds the torch with Manoshri and Pushpurani.

A peace-loving family.

This local family was originally from Sri Lanka.

Karnayati and a peace-loving gentleman.

Sharing the torch with people gives many smiles.


This family got off their bikes to hold the torch and offer their goodwill.

We met this Adventure team as we ran back along the canal.

Arpan leads the way for a while on the way back to central Ottawa where would run to the Jharna-Kala Art Gallery for a function there.

On the way we passed by a cool fountain where we stopped for a little refreshing moment on this very warm spring day.

Cold water is great for the feet after a run.

A local totem pole sculpture was our last stop before reached the art gallery.

Salil addresses the group at the beautiful Jharna-Kala Art Gallery as we meet with some friends from the Intercultural Dialogue Institute (IDI).

Nargiz Neda Babashli speaks to us about the inspiration and goals of her organization (IDI), which includes education, building a dialogue between different cultures and offering assistance to those in need.

Holding the Peace Torch with our Peace Run team are Ozgur Sanli, Neda Babashli and Ozgur's two children Enes and Dilara.

Ozgur and her children are originally from Turkey.

Our Peace Run team sang our Peace Run theme song for them and a very uplifting 'Thank You' song, both composed by Sri Chinmoy, the Founder of the Peace Run.

Enes will be starting his last year of high school and speaks with Utsahi St. Amand, a professor at the University of Ottawa, about universities in the area to attend.

Dilara, a sixth grader who seems years ahead of her young age, speaks with Gautami, one of our local Peace Runners.

This beautiful art gallery of paintings by Sri Chinmoy was a perfect setting to meet such wonderful guests.

Prapti offers roses and gift bags with gratitude to our distinguished guests. Their Intercultural Dialogue Institute shares many of the same principles as the Peace Run. Both non-profit organizations wish to promote friendship, respect and mutual understanding among people of all cultures and faiths through dialogue, partnership and sharing of our differences as well as our similarities. IDI as well as the Peace Run grew out of the need to address the question, "How can citizens of the world live in peace and harmony?" We are very grateful to them for coming to share their valuable inspiration and helpful ideas with us.

Torch carried by
Arpan DeAngelo (United States), Baladev Saraz (Slovakia), Brahmata Michael (Canada), Gautami Sýkorová (Slovakia), Jagadhata Amrhien (United States), Mahasatya Janczak (Poland), Manoshri Sykorova (Slovakia), Pranlobha Kalajian (United States), Prapti Jensen (Canada), Salil Wilson (Australia), Valeriy Bilokryl (Ukraine).  
Accompanied by  
Pushparani (CA), Atmavir (CZ)
Valeriy Bilokryl
The torch has travelled 15.0 km in Ottawa.

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