Canada 27 June: Vancouver, BC - Hope, BC

The Grouse Grind challenge

The most famous running challenge in Vancouver is the famous Grouse Grind!

Steep is not the right word. It's just vertical all the way!

But the view is breathtaking.

Far in the distance one sees the Olympic Mountains where we were a few days ago.

The satisfaction at the top is equal to the effort.

The team was very interested to learn what to do when meeting a bear: Play dead if it's a grizzly or shout and make noise if it's just a black bear. Now the question is how do you know the difference?

Grizzlies have this hump on their back!

A bald eagle is very auspicious for the First Nations!

Later on in the day we took a run around Vancouver's beautiful Stanley Park.

It's a wonderful 13km run with many different view points!

The team is getting ready to cross the Rockies.

Many thanks to the Vancouver Sri Chinmoy Meditation Centre for providing us with a delicious lunch after our scenic run.