July 27, 2016 Live from the road

Detroit, Michigan - London, Ontario

Reported by Arpan DeAngelo 100.0 km

We are so grateful to Brenda Fey and the Holiday Inn(French Quarter) in Perrysburg, Ohio. They offered us some very nice rooms in this spacious and beautiful hotel.

Puroga gives a thumbs up for this wonderful Holiday Inn hotel.

We thought we might trade in one of our vehicles for this classic Model T Ford.

Running into our first ceremony after entering Canada.

Our first ceremony was at the Lakeshore Day Camp in Lakeshore, Ontario.

There was a large crowd of children at this day camp who fortunately were able to fit into this large shady area under a tree on a hot sunny day.

Our skits which demonstrates peaceful or non-peaceful behavior are a big hit with the children.

Peaceful behavior as two peace runners help out another runner who has tripped and sprained his ankle.

Michaela, the Coordinator at this great summer program, accepts our gratitude for inviting us to this wonderful program.

The children had a short peace run around the park as they followed the 'engine' of this peace train.

Passing the peace torch and making wishes for peace is an important event and very meaningful to the children.

The counselors were very enthusiastic and offered wondeful sentiments and smiles which are so important in sharing peace with the children.

Back on the road again as we make our way towards London, Ontario.

Our next event took place in Chatham, Ontario. Again on a hot, sunny day it was important to have some shade for the children under this large tent.

After our introduction the children had an opportunity to find some peace in their hearts. 'Peace Begins with Me' is our motto.

The children participate inone of our songs with actions to every line.

We offer the children some short skits which demonstrate peaceful or non-peaceful behaviors. This gives the children a chance to judge what is good behavior or not.

With thumbs down the children determine this skit was not a demonstration of peaceful behavior.

One of the young counselors volunteered to be the 'engine' of the peace train and lead the children around the playground with the peace torch.

Passing the peace torch to offer everyone to think of something peaceful and pass it along as we do in this relay for peace.

Megan Tyhurst accepts our Certificate of Appreciation which expresses our gratitude to her and the YMCA Camp of Chatham-Kent.

We love to offer colorful artwork by Sri Chinmoy, Founder of the Peace Run, which is representaltional art with meaningful symbolism. This painting says 'Peace Feeds The Children.'

One last photo before we have to run off to our next destination.

After the wonderful ceremony in Chatham, the women's team cheerfully takes to the road after a long drive over the Canadian border from Detroit, Michigan.

Along the way they stopped for these friendly locals who were happy to share the torch with Pranlobha and Kanala.

The men's team was also back on the road again as we travel east in Ontario on our way to London.

Yatkara is happy to be back in Canada where he is coordinating some of the events and accommodations with many Canadian volunteers who are working hard behind the scenes.

Yatkara and Pierre run the last two miles of the day together. Teamwork sometimes make the job a bit easier, especially at the end of a long, hot day.

Torch carried by
Arpan DeAngelo (United States), Homagni Baptista (Australia), Kanala Bolvanska (Slovakia), Nikolaus Drekonja (United States), Pierre Lantuas (France), Pranlobha Kalajian (United States), Puroga Theobald (Hungary), Salil Wilson (Australia), Sanaz Datubar (Iran), Suhasini Septiarini (Indonesia), Tavishi Matthews (Australia), Yatkara Aleksapolskyy (Canada), Zuzana Klásková (Czech Republic).  
Sanaz Datubar, Yatkara Aleksapolskyy
The torch has travelled 100.0 km from Detroit, Michigan to London, Ontario.

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