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Dr. Davidson Hepburn

Hon. Dr. Davidson Hepburn serving as the President of the 35th General Conference of UNESCO met with us in his home country of the Bahamas.

In recognition for his tireless service to the international community we presented him with the Torch-Bearer Award during a ceremony at St. John's College in Nassau.

In a recent message to World Harmony Run organizers Dr. Hepburn commented, "By carrying a torch to over 100 nations this year, World Harmony Run reinforces the goals and objectives of 2010: International Year, and provides a chance for all participants to expand their awareness and living experiences of other cultures. It is indeed an excellent opportunity to develop an appreciation of diversity through art, culture and sports. This communal sharing of our hopes and dreams is fundamental for building the foundations of peace and harmony."

A dear friend of World Harmony Run founder, Sri Chinmoy, for over 30 years Dr. Hepburn participated in many of our activities and programs during his tenure as Bahamian Ambassador to the United Nations.

A true global citizen, we are deeply moved by the opportunity to recognize his continuing service to the world.