Sept. 17, 2019 Live from the road

Rutaki - Avarua

Reported by Dhiraja Mc Bryde, Uddipan Brown 15.0 km

The team was joined by Peace Runner Saranyu for our first day visiting schools in Rarotonga.

At Apii Rutaki the students are absorbed by the Peace Run video.

Peace can be felt in the heart.

Head Girl accepts a Certificate of Appreciation from the Peace Run.

We are the oneness and fullness of tomorrow's sun.

Passing the torch from hand to hand and making a wish for peace.

Running with the Peace Torch.

The students and teachers of Apii Rutaki gather at the gate as the Peace Run team departs.

At Nukutere College the Team received a traditional welcome to the school, including being garlanded with native flowers.

Head boy receives a Certificate of Appreciation from the Team.

Passing the torch.

A group of runners from the school joins the team on a run back to town.

Farewell Nukutere College.

Torch carried by
Dhiraja Mc Bryde (New Zealand), Nipura Ingram (Cook Islands), Saranyu Pearson (Australia), Uddipan Brown (New Zealand).  
Dhiraja Mc Bryde
The torch has travelled 15.0 km from Rutaki to Avarua.

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