China 31 May: Amgalanbaatar - Altan Emeel

One day in China

We had opening cermony for Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run in Amgalanbaatar, China

Mr. Turbat introduce all visitors.

Ms. Jan Lee Pin, The Vice Mayor of Shine Barga Zuun Khoshuu.

Performed instrument - MORIN KHUUR.

Akanda, team caption presented paint to Ms. Jan Lee Pin, Mr. Lee Jan, and Ms.Oyuntsetseg.

Peace Run team members and local runners going to curry the torch to the next city.

After cermony, ready to run.

It was so hot and windy day.

It is a time to pass the torch to the next runner. That is how we do.

We relay the torch every 100m.

We were safe on the road.

We thankful to polices who were leading us on the road.

Runner from Shine Barga Zuun Khoshuu passing the torch to runner from Shine Barga Baruun Khoshuu.

Welcome to Shine barga Baruun Khoshuu.

All the runners on the border of Amgalanbaatar and Altan Emeel.

We thankful to Mr. Hun Min Mei and Ms. Ulaantsetseg.

Local runners presented gift to all team members.

We had big lunch for break.

From Altan Emeel city it is a 55km to the border between China and Mongolia.

Ms. Ulaantsetseg head runners to the border.

Gratitude to who organised the Peace Run in China and all the runners.