United States 30 May: Santa Maria, CA - Paso Robles, CA

Enthusiastic children in Paso Robles

Our teams separated for the last night. We stayed in three different hotels in Santa Maria.
Thank you Radisson Inn, Historic Santa Maria Inn and Holiday Inn & Suites for having us.

Banshidhar starting the morning run. Andale, andale chico!

Beautiful scenery during our run today

Natabara being interviewed in San Luis Obispo.

Zuzka taking a moment for world peace

Our ceremony today was at the Boys and Girls Club of North San Luis Obispo County.
Here our Executive Director, Salil Wilson, and Nikolaus going back to the 80's where our Peace Run all began...

Our friend imitating The Greatest Muhammad Ali.

Our little friend playing Mother Theresa, who inspired us by her quote: "Peace Begins with a Smile".

Children singing enthusiastically the World Harmony Run song.

Feeling peace in our hearts.

They were so attentive of what the Peace Run team had to say.

Passing the torch making wishes for world peace.

We offered our Certificate of Appreciation to the Boys and Girls Club of North San Luis Obispo County and also a Jharna Kala painting by founder of the Peace Run Sri Chinmoy.

Kids going back to the 80's.

Then we came to the fun part of going outside and running with the peace torch.

We would like to thank the Boys and Girls Club and it's staff for allowing the Peace Run to come and share the importance of peace with the children.

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