Led. 12, 2024 Reportáže z trasy

St. Julian's - Gzira

Zapsal/a Marc Voelckner 3.0 km

Today we ran from Balluta Bay in St. Julian's to visit the Stella Maris College Scout Group. As it was already dark the torch lit the way.

We were warmly welcome by the small group of very enthusiastic children.

Salil introduced the run and invited the children to make a wish for peace in their heart.

The scouts knew their geography well and they were quick in the country game. They we joyfully learned the motions to the theme song.

Viktor Rutter, former chairman of the Unesco Club and member of this college lead us on the run with the children.

Later the scouts teached us running versin of "Kumbaja". We had great fun.

Viktors grandchildren handed every scout a Peace Run card.

Thank you scouts for a great evening with you!

Členové týmu
Agnieszka Sarzynska (Poland), Agraha Levine (United States), Amalendu Edelsten (Australia), Danica Cernakova (Slovakia), Eniko Soron (Hungary), Grahak Cunningham (Australia), Gudrun Freier (Germany), Local runners (Malta), Mahiya Lindner (Germany), Mena Seguy (France), Parichayaka Hammerl (Austria), Roger Rogge (Germany), Ronivon Oliveira (Brazil), Salil Wilson (Australia), Sandro Zincarini (Italy), Shaivya Rubczynska (Poland), Shamita Achenbach-König (Austria), Silvia Di Nunzio (Italy), Ulugbek Berdimurotov (Uzbekistan), Violeta Angelova (Bulgaria), Violetta Angelov (Bulgaria).  
Natabara Rollosson
Uběhli jsme s pochodní 3.0 km z St. Julian's do Gzira.

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