Great Britain 15 September: Oxford - Windsor

A Royal Run

Thank you to our hosts in Oxford, Dr Piyasi and Dr Sarvosmi Morris.

At the Town Hall we are greeted by the Lord Mayor of Oxford, Colin Cook.

A tour of Oxford - city of gleaming Spires.

And off we run towards London.

Suswara Payne, Oxford graduate and long time Peace runner, picks up the pace.

This is idyllic English countryside. Here, in the background, we can see that even ducks get their own house.

Running into Henley by the Thames river.

Kokila and Mandra bring the torch through Eton and into Windsor.

We enjoy a sumptuous Lebanese meal, provided by this girl from France and this boy from Portugal who were both very inspired by the Peace Run.

Running past Windsor castle.

Traditional Morris dancers in Windsor.

The dancers make way for the runners.

And then the dancers get inspired to run with the runners!

Running along the 'Long Walk' that leads away from Windsor Castle.

This tree-lined avenue stretches down towards the ancient fortress, illustrating the regal grandeur and Royal heritage of Windsor Great Park.