Australia 15 September: Tanunda - Adelaide

Valley to the Hills

Today we ran from Barossa Valley and through the Adelaide Hills.

Things were topsy turvy today. The weather went from sunny and hot yesterday to rain and hail today!

However the running still happened.

Our first meeting was with City of Playford Mayor Glenn Docherty.

He met us outside and then took us inside the City Building which was warm and cosy. A great ambassodor for the city and a young, capable leader of the community, Mayor Docherty really appreciated the peace run. "The message is a simple but a humble one," he said. "One all of humanity can understand."

We certainly need more mayors like Glenn. Thanks for taking the time to meet with us.

Next at Adelaide's parliament house we met with the Honourable Jing Lee. She is the deputy whip of parliament and is a member of the Social Development parliamentary community. She was emanating boundless energy and joy as well.

She took us inside the parliament and said some heartfelt words. "The world will be a much better place when we treat people nicely and act with respect and peace. Australia has many people like you in so many ways who are messengers of peace, who everyday believe in what you do....thanks for inspiring everyone to keep not just the body healthy but also the mind healthy," she stated."Let peace begin with me."

What a role model politician. Dressed in white as she thought that was most appropriate for peace she even went for a short jog in the parliament. Certainly a first!

We visit these young peace runners school on Monday.