Set. 23, 2017 Live from the road

Amatrice - Norcia

Reported by Vaibhava Kuschnow 35.0 km

Some last pictures with the camp manager who kindly provided our accomodation in (earthquake-proof) containers and the excellent 5 course dinner last night.

Vaibhava burning up his breakfast on the 5K morning uphill mission.

Bhoiravi is happy to descend the hill:)

As for road safety - you get all the information you need!

You just can´t say that you missed the sign!

Running through Italy sometimes feels like being in a fairy tale...

Since we only had 35K to do today we decided to go for a side trip to Spoleto, which has a beautiful old town and a famous bridge.

The whole city turned out to be very charming with many old houses, churches and narrow streets winding up the hill to the castle on top.

But do we really have to climb that hill after days of running??

No! Italy is taking very good care of tired peace runners:)

Just learn the rules...

...and you are ready to go!

Feel free to be happy!

As Sandro. You usually don´t see him with this kind of smile!

This beautiful bridge is especially impressive if you consider that it survived hundreds of years of earthquakes which frequently shake this region.

Unfortunanely it was closed, so we posed in front of it.

Peace Runners and Peace Run photographers love landscapes.

A quick peep into an antiques shop in the old town.

Beautiful churches.

Sumandala is very impressed.

Stunning artwork! After so many centuries - still the colours are amazingly brilliant and vibrant.

Is there a better way to finish the excursion through a beautiful Italian town than with original Italian wood oven pizza and celebrating Natalia's birthday with Italian icecream cake - I don´t think so!

Svetlana all ready for the cake.

La vita é bella!

Back in the bus. The Peace Run Van is a very intense living space with lots of people and things constantly on the move. Paper birds must take extra care.

For the last stretch of the day a group of enthusiastic runners from Norcia Run Club joined us.

10K slightly downhill all the way to Norcia and a cool evening breeze - perfect running conditions which everybody enjoyed.

As we arrive in the city the Peace Run is warmly welcomed by the mayor and other city authorities as well as by the members of the Rotary Club. We even had the honour to light the Peace Torch on the left.

Members of the special olympics also joined the ceremony and held the torch. Later we played volleyball together.

The statue of Saint Benedict

The mayor kindly presented us with a book about the city

St Benedict is the founder of one of the most famous orders of monks.

Some of the old buildings in the city of Norcia were also heavily damaged by the earthquake.

Only the facade and the back wall of this church are still in place.

Over seven months (in his spare time) the gentleman on the left has reconstructed the church out of wheat and wood. The church itself was largely destroyed by the earthquake!! The scale is 1:20. Amazing!!!

There is even a shrine with a cross inside the model church!

Norcia has it's own Oktoberfest

Torch carried by
Aizhan Arystangaliyeva (Kazakhstan), Bhoiravi Achenbach (Austria), Darina Tzvetkova (Italy), Devashishu Torpy (Great Britain), Dmitriy Gameza (Russia), Natalia Usmanova (Russia), Sandro Zincarini (Italy), Subimal Alfredo De Joannon (Italy), Sumandala Cenni (Italy), Svetlana Ipatko (Ukraine), Vaibhava Kuschnow (Austria).  
Vaibhava Kuschnow
The torch has travelled 35.0 km from Amatrice to Norcia.

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