New Zealand 22 September: Rotorua - Victoria Lodge - Kawerau

Peace Run to Kawerau

Ryan and Julia of Victoria Lodge provided complimentary accomodation to set the tone for this 3-day Peace Run, from Rotorua to Kawerau and then to Taupo. We were so refreshed after staying in comfy beds and enjoyed the exemplary rooms. It is only through the generosity of community members such as Ryan and Julia that keeps the volunteers running in different parts of the globe.

We presented Ryan with artwork titled "Plant a tree for world harmony" - indeed two trees were to be dedicated this morning in Kawerau and Rotorua. Thank-you once again for giving us such a fantastic start to the day.

As we ran along Lake Rotoma towards Kawerau the fog lifted, revealing beautiful scenes of serene water and native forest.

Councillor Sela Kingi and students Ahu and Teakau welcomed us to Putauaki Primary School.

The children put together a movie on peace.

Kawerau Peace Tree dedication ceremony, Stoneham Walk

Shardul Dillicar from the Peace Run team and Councillor Sela Kingi Planting the Kawerau Peace Tree. (Kōwhai tree)

Kawerau Councillor Sela Kingi received a Torch-Bearer Award from Sean Abbott of the Peace Run team for her dedicated service to the Kawerau community.

The Kawerau Peace Tree is located in Stoneham Walk on Fenton Mill Road and is planted behind the community herb garden.

Kawerau Peace Tree Plaque

Councillor Sela Kingi next to the Kawerau Kōwhai Peace Tree and plaque

Prefects from Rotorua Intermediate School came to offer their support.

We were joined by Rotorua Lakes Council member Merepeke Raukawa-Tait, who offered her sentiments on peace.

The Peace Run team went sight-seeing at Okere Falls.