Latvia 11 July: Belarus border - Prieli

Baltic Hospitality

Welcome to Latvia!

Refreshments and a warm welcome in a field of hay bails.

Latvian runners are ready to carry the torch.

The regional officials.

Tasty treats.

Each runner is invited to leave a signed silhouette of their hand.

Josef from Prague has joined the team.

Crossing the river into Daugavpils.

A welcome in Daugavpiuls by the Vice Mayor and Head of Sports.

Goga from Croatia has joined the team.

Josef leads the children in some warm up exercises before they sing the World Harmony Run song.

The children are making a film and ask to interview some of the runners.

This gentleman is 84 years old. He heard about the Peace Run and joined us on his bike for 60 kms.

Raquel from Portugal has joined the team.

A host of runners join us on the road north.

Local communities along the route come out to offer us refreshments and encouragement.

In PREIĻI we complete the day of running with a presentation.

Excellent singers.

Awesome dancers.

The youngest member of our team is offered a free pancake.

Thank you PREIĻI for your hospitality!