July 10, 2018 Live from the road

Winona, MN - Richland Center, WI

Reported by Arpan DeAngelo 72.0 mi

We are very grateful for the Courtyard Marriott for hosting our whole team with spacious and comfortable rooms here in this idyllic spot next to the Mississippi River.

With a scenic view of the mighty Mississippi River and one of the many bridges which cross it, our RV served as an perfect kitchen to prepare our meals.

Andrew Hunt and his son Drew were staying at the same hotel in La Crosse, Wisconsin and were excited about the Peace Run. They were very kind and supportive and were happy to share the Peace Torch with us. They hope to meet up with us again in Chicago soon.

Meanwhile the women's team was out in the countryside running towards Wisconsin.

Lots of wide open spaces and rolls of hay define the area here.

Even though the scenery is quite natural and attractive, we still have to deal with the sometimes noisy and busy truck and car traffic while carrying the Peace Torch.

They finally made it to La Crosse, Wisconsin and ran to the Boys and Girls Club there.

TV cameras catch their entrance.

While we were waiting for the children to gather inside, we had a number of interviews with a local TV station and newspaper.

Kshema from Ukraine leads the team in to a very enthusiastic welcoming committee of very excited children.

We offer our presentation to them as we usually do with guessing games, silent moments of peace, songs and passing the Peace Torch.

Finding peace in the heart in a few moments of silence.

Actions to one of our songs with the children.

Salil presents our Certificate of Appreciation to a suprised and happy P.J. Halverson, the Site Director, who so kindly welcomed us this very nice Boys and Girls Club.

Two of the children kindly display a colorful reproduction of a painting on World Harmony, by the Founder of the Peace Run, Sri Chinmoy.

These next few images of the children passing the Peace Torch and thinking some positive thoughts and wishes for peace are self explanatory. Their reactions and expressions are invaluable and are the main reason we run far and wide to share in spreading peace.

Some of the children were excited to welcome Jake Erickson, the Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Club of Greater La Crosse.

We are so happy that Mr. Erickson was able to show up here towards the end of our program and share some of these precious moments with us.

Putu from Bali, Indonesia finds a new and proud Peace Runner.

In the meantime Nikolas was inspired to run a long 18 mile run today from LaCrosse out into the countryside towards Richland Center.

Sarankhuu from Mongolia also put in some good quality miles.

The views were usually quite scenic as we passed by hungry horses...

..and friendly locals.

A little detour now and then slows down the cars, but not our runners.

Our RV/Camper is always a welcome site, especially when they have just prepared lunch or dinner.

Sarankhuu joins Nikolaus and helps him by carrying the Torch for some miles.

Banshidhar is also on that team as he also enjoys the scenery and running on the grass whenever he can.

Two tired but happy runners with two old farmers looking on.

Arpan and Yatkara run their section of the day's miles to make it to the town of Richland Center.

The final few meters were quite colorful and patriotic.

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At our final endpoint we stopped by the American Legion, Post 13, and met one of the veterans, Dave, who happily shared the Peace Torch with us. All of the veterans that we meet along the way on our journey around North American are usually staunch supporters of peace. Many have seen the suffering that comes through war and conflicts when some people are not peaceful and respectful of others around them.

Torch carried by
Anastasiya Lezhnina (Ukraine), Arpan DeAngelo (United States), Banshidhar Medeiros (United States), Mananya Galante (United States), Nayaja Perugini (Italy), Nikolaus Drekonja (Austria), Putu Ekawati (Indonesia), Salil Wilson (Australia), Sarankhuu Jargal (Mongolia), Yatkara Aleksapolskyy (Canada).  
Arpan DeAngelo, Mananya Galante, Yatkara Aleksapolskyy
The torch has travelled 72.0 mi from Winona, MN to Richland Center, WI.

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