Moldova 7 September: Edinet - Fălesti

an inspiring Sunday on the countryside

Good morning Edineț, thank you for the warm welcome.

The time for sunflower seeds has arrived...

...we had very enthisiastic espectators...

In Brătuseni we encountered very cheerful people, selling goods in a local market.

This lady kindly donated two watermelons to the thirsty runners, thank you.

The locals joining the team for group picture. Thank you Brătuseni.

The road is always ahead, weather flat or hilly.

Getting ready to run... Riscani here we come.

Welcome to Rîscani!

The last lap....

Making a wish for a peace.

Thank you to the Rîscani dancers, for the good show.

A last wave for peace...

Working hard Ion...

Entering Lupăria.

Our Runner Sumahat got welcomed with beautiful flowers.

Runners are smilers.

Goats everywhere...

Yashodevi running with style!!


We love Moldova also!

Another nice welcome!

The sun meets the earth!

The kids in Petrunea welcomed us with big smiles and lots of waving.

New team member!

Thank you Petrunea...

Bye bye Petrunea!!!

We were trying an alternative transportation method, the only problem was that we could not fit the whole team.

Obreja Veche/Nouă: your enthusiasm was contagious.

Obreja Veche/Nouă we will carry your wishes for Peace with us.

Hills are nothing for this super runners. Thank you Obreja Veche/Nouă.

Even the cows wanted to join the run.

Welcome to Fălesti where smiles are always present.

..the mayor spoke kind words...

Attentive listeners...

More smiles....

Lots of runners joined us. Lots of wishes for Peace.

As a way of thanking Fălesti, we presented the city representatives with paintings by Sri Chinmoy. This paintings represent different qualities of Peace and Harmony.

Thank you so much Fălesti for such a warm welcome and an original group picture.