Nov. 5, 2019 Live from the road

Hulhumale - Malé city

Reported by Abhejali Bernardová 12.0 km

We started our day by running around Hulhumale island. These men spontaneously joined us.

People were interested to see what was going on and wanted to hold our Peace Torch.

Sometimes they even stopped their bikes to talk to us.

In the Maldives you are always close to a beach. And sometimes you can even see a turtle...

...and a colourful lizzard.

Hotel staff were also happy to join.

In the afternoon we met with local irunners to run together around Male. We do like their motto - Celebrating life. They are a group of recreational runners that meet a few times a week and train under coach Rif-ath, each of them trying to achieve their own goals - be it improved time for 5km or to run first half marathon.
Irunners also organise 4 marathon a year, in different parts of the Maldives. We do hope to participate one time!
These beautiful photos were taken by Zahir from 'winkapic', who was with us for the whole duration of the run. Thank you so so much!

We met at the local running track and we were very excited to meet the women runners.

We found out that Maldivians love running! The track was soon full of people running, jogging, walking, exercising.

We were introduced to the former Maldivian record holder for marathon distance.

We took many photos before setting off to run our 5.3km loop around Maldives capital of Male.

Coach Rif-ath Hussain with Jayasalini, our champion runner, finisher of the 3100 mile race in New York.

We ran at a comfortable pace so that we could chat and share training tips.

We took turns running with the torch.

Running along the Indian ocean is novelty for us, so we asked to stop for photos quite a few times.

We all had fun.

The sun started setting as we were coming to the port area. We found our way through busy traffic of the capital, remaining very visible for car drivers and pedestrians, the torch lighting our way.

Barefoot Saaid also joined us - running with shoes today :-)

There were many training groups practising on the track - like "Train with Kai" group. They wanted to hear more about what we were doing. And we are happy to share our torch.

Hussain Haleem (second left) is the first Maldivian Olympian, he competed in marathon at the Olympic games in Soul, 1988. He also participated four years later. His national record remained unbroken for 27 years.
He now coaches Mariyam Abdul Kareem (also on the picture). She only started running 3 years ago and she now holds national records in 5km, 10km, half marathon and marathon.

We finished with another lap around the track and then presented irunners with a Certificate of Appreciation. You made us feel very welcome!
BIG thank you to all the irunners and everyone who participated in today's Peace Run.
SPECIAL thank you to Zahir from 'winkapic' for these amazing pictures!

Torch carried by
Abhejali Bernardová (Czech Republic), Jayasalini Abramovskikh (Russia).  
Accompanied by  
Rif-ath Hussain, Sodiq Ahmed, Musthafa Hassan, Ismail Mufeed, Saamy Ibrahim, Nasreena, Shiyama, Mariyam Leena, Sophy, Aminath Naseem, Shauzeena, Mufeed, Adam Ibrahim, Zahir, Athifa Ibrahim, Aminath Azeema, Agisa Moosa
Abhejali Bernardová, Jayasalini Abramovskikh
The torch has travelled 12.0 km from Hulhumale to Malé city.

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