Nov. 9, 2019 Live from the road

SAii Lagoon - Malé city

Reported by Abhejali Bernardová 5.0 km

Video of our wonderful experiences in the Maldives.

We were really fortunate to spend a day in SAii Lagoon Maldives. We did not plan any run here and just wanted to enjoy sun and sea and relax a little. When we arrived the torch was spotted by Thiti Thongbenjamas, the COO of Crossroads Maldives. When we told him about the Peace Run he immediately suggested we do a run there, and he invited some of the staff to join us.

The Peace Run was founded in 1987 by Sri Chinmoy - an artist, philosopher, peace lover and athlete. He felt sports was a great means in uniting people. And thanks to his vision we get to meet all these great peace lovers around the whole world!

Brinda comes from India and she works in marketing. The hotel staff consist of over 40 nationalities!

Passing not only the torch but smiles and friendship and love as well.

Then we ran around 4km on the resort premises.


This kilometre long bridge connects SAii Lagoon to Hard Rock hotel.

It is a very beautiful place for a run.

These girls are great runners, having run marathons in different places around the world.

Selfie is a must and you can see we all had a really good time!

Peace begins with me - Sulhaverikan feshenee aharen ar eku in Dhivehi.

We were joined by Hard Rock hotel general manager Tolga Unan from Turkey.

He ran with us over the bridge back to SAii.

Tolga with Thiti running together.

Spotting some wildlife along the way.

Thank you to all the runners that joined us today on such short notice! It was really nice for us to get to know you!

Certificate of appreciation for your immediate and enthusiastic participation in the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run. It was a pleasure to run with you!

Bodu beru, traditional Maldivian drum made of wood from coconut tree trunk.

Later on we did a little bit more running and exploring.

Our first stop was at Marine Discovery Centre. The Centre introduces marine conservation dedicated to preserving the biodiversity of the Maldives' precious ecosystem.

There is a coral nursery where we could watch the coral growth.

Group of scientists works on coral propagation and also teaching everyone how important corals are for the whole world and how we can protect them.

Next stop was at Maldives discovery centre. Here we could learn in interactive way about Maldivian life, origin, history and nature. It is certainly a unique attraction worth visiting.

Clear turquoise water all around with rich underwater life very close to the shore. Apart from many fish, big and small, we also saw a turtle.

It was time to return to Male for our last event before the torch needs to leave for Bali, Indonesia, the final country on this year's Southern Hemisphere Peace Run.

On the boat ride back we saw a rainbow. It might be a bit difficult to spot on the photo but it was there.

For our final event we planned to run across this bridge leading from Male to the airport island.

Unfortunately the sidewalk was closed because of repairs going on so we ran along the coastline in the other direction.

There was a torrential rain but that did not discourage some local Irunners to join us again.

We are very grateful that you came, despite the weather.

Big thank you to Rif-ath, Irunners coach, who helped coordinating our meetings with local runners. He also very kindly came to the airport to say final good bye.

Our hearts are full of joy and gratitude and overwhelmed by all the good will and good people we have met during our visit to the Maldives. It was our first time here and we loved it!


Torch carried by
Abhejali Bernardová (Czech Republic), Jayasalini Abramovskikh (Russia).  
Abhejali Bernardová, Jayasalini Abramovskikh
The torch has travelled 5.0 km from SAii Lagoon to Malé city.

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