Mexico 31 May: Tijuana, Mexico

North American Peace Run arrives in Mexico

Following a restful evening in San Diego, the Peace Run Team spent the day in colourful Tijuana, not far from the USA border.

Running to the first school - Escuela Club Rotario.

The team was welcomed enthusiastically by both children and staff.

The presentation was conducted in Spanish.

The presentation included 30 seconds of quietly focusing on peace, love and joy inside our hearts.

The team then demonstrated peaceful and unpeaceful behaviour.


Holding the Peace Torch.

Running together.

Enjoying a quick quesadilla snack at the stall outside the school.

The team arrives at the second school - Escuela 20 de Noviembre.

As part of the introduction, the team played a guessing game with the children, who correctly guessed the countries of all of the runners. This photo shows the four Australian team members pretending to be kangaroos.

The staff ran a lap of the assembly area.

The school was presented with artwork by Sri Chinmoy, the founder of the Peace Run.

Holding the Peace Torch.

Later in the day, the Spanish speaking members of the team were interviewed by a local radio station.

A group photo outside the front of the radio station.

Thank you for a wonderful day, Tijuana!