Mexico 1 June: Tijuana

Visiting Tijuana, Mexico

We had a great welcome at the Escuela Valentín Gómez Farías in the morning. The white balloons made everything very festive. We are very grateful to Prof. Rafael Cervantes Perea for making our visit possible.

The kids had lots of fun acting out the World Harmoy Run Song. Pierre translated the song so that they could join along.

Homagni and Pierre shared with them some skits about creating peace during the day at school. There was a lot of laughing as they went into slow motion running.

Featured here are the hard working teachers in this school that give their lives to educating the children in the local community.

We could see how much love they have for their classes and also how much the kids appreciate their teachers.

Puroga and the team spend a long time signing autographs on the childrens books and note pads.

We offered our Torch Bearer Award to two children that had made a difference in their schools.

Both of them will no doubt continue to create a more peaceful environment in the classroom and the playground.

Pierre was interviewed by the local TV station since he was a foreign runner and spoke fluent Spanish.

We headed off from the school at a cracking pace and met a nice girl who was out jogging. She joined us for half a mile on the way to the next school

Our next school visit was at Escuela Leyes de Reforma tm. These energetic kids really made us feel special as we ran into the school.

Sarankhu entertained the kids by singing a Mongolian Children's song.

Atul practices yoga and the kids loved learning some classic postures from him.

As we did skits, the kids had to guess whether we were acting in a harmonious way. This one represented a big thumbs down. Luckily they learnt some alternative ways to behave.

We offered the school a beautiful print of Sri Chinmoy's Artwork.

After all the joy of visiting schools, we were honored to be invitied to the Centro de Alto Rendimiento. This is the Olympic training center for Baja California and on this auspicious day, Mexico was officially sending off the athletes of the Special Olympics that are going to represent Mexico in Rio.

We offered the Torch Bearer Award to several of the organizers that make these Olympic athletes dreams possible.

We were so proud to be part of this unique send off. Good Luck to them all.

Back at the Escuela Leyes de Reforma tv, we met with a new bunch of classes. We invited one of the teachers to lead all the children around the playground.

The teachers really appreciated the certificates and the artwork that we offered.

As a final farewell, we would like to offer our gratitude to our coordinator in Mexico, the great Sanmati and her ever happy niece, Erica, for taking photos and video of our journey. They made our trip to Mexico memorable and we are grateful that they took the time to share so many aspects of Mexican culture with us.