New Zealand 6 May: Taupo Waterfront - Waipahihi Botanical Reserve

Taupo - Peace Tree Dedication

The flame of peace ...

The setting for triathlons which Taupo is famous for.

Friends of the Peace Run at the Peace Tree dedication at the Waipahihi Botanical Reserve.

Joan Williamson, a former Mayor of Taupo, and an eloquent speaker, unveils the Peace Tree plaque.

Taupo councillor John Williamson presents the Torch Bearer Award to his mother, Joan Williamson, for her services to the community.

Timoti Bramley with his son Te Whiti. Timoti offered a very moving karakia (prayer) at the Peace Run ceremony.

Waipahihi Botanical Society Trust chairman Graeme Robinson received the Torch Bearer Award on behalf of the Trust.

The four recipients of the Torch Bearer Awards for 2017.

John of the Wairakei Resort and his family, a friend of Peace Runner Vera

Lorraine , a valued team supporter

A peace walk : serene, the maple trees provided a brilliant contrast to the dark native podocarps.

The Wairakei Resort kindly sponsored us with petrol vouchers. We have also stayed here in the past.