New Zealand 5 March: Kawakawa - Whangarei

Matauri Bay and running the back roads.

We climbed to the Rainbow Warrior Memorial at Matauri Bay to watch the sunrise.

Sean, Anita, Preetidutta and Nurari watching the sunrise at the Rainbow Warrior Memorial.

Touching the Rainbow Warrior propeller.

Our heart felt thanks to Kimberley and the Matauri Bay Holiday Park for our wonderful stay.

Don giving Kimberley a Certificate of Appreciation.

Running to Matauri Bay Primary School.

Everyone joins in the World Harmony Run Song.

The students felt peace in their hearts.

Demonistrating peacefulness.

Principal Jared Nordstrom places a leaf with Matauri Bay School's name on the peace tree.

On behalf of the school some students receive artwork and a Certificate of Appreciation.

School staff hold the Peace Torch.

Making a wish for peace.

Running for peace.

Everyone gathers for a farewell photograph.

Artwork created and presented to the Peace Run team by the junior students.

The senior students created this artwork representing their school's qualities with the theme of peace.

These are the school's qualities (WARM).

Today's running begins at Kawakawa.

Deeptaksha playing a community xylophone.

Signs along the way.

Running in the countryside.


Preetidutta enjoying running on a country road.

Preetidutta, Nurari, Neelabha and Anita running together.

Ailsa leads the team to Whangarei Falls.

Rob Pooley from the Mangawhai Focus newspaper holds the Peace Torch.

We met locals who held the torch and made their wish for peace.

Natabara swimming below the Whangarei Falls