New Zealand 7 March: Mangawhai Heads - Auckland

Mangawhai Heads to Auckland

Three schools today

Dawn (and Bollie) from Mangawhai Backpackers hosted the boys team. Wonderful home away from home.

Preetidutta standing with Hayley and Eugene who hosted the girls team at Mangawhai Holiday Park.

Ailsa checking the running route.

Mangawhai Beach Students help run in the Peace Torch.

The welcome team.

A Waiata to welcome the Peace Run Team.

The Haka to welcome and acknowledge the Peace Run Team.

Enthusiastic students wanting to answer the Peace Run team's questions.

Peace is inside our hearts.

Adding a school leaf to the Peace Run Tree.

The school receives Artwork to remember the Peace Run.

And a Certificate of Appreciation.

Deputy Principal Cherylene Neels presents Peace Ambassador Awards to three students.



Holding the Peace Torch and making a wish for peace.

Friends wishing for peace.

Planting their Peace Tree.

On the way to Snells Beach School.

Alison Roe leads the Peace Run Team into Snells Beach School hall.

Demonistrating relay running with the students.

Playing the country guessing game.

Alison Roe talking to the students about peace.

Having fun.

Wanting to answer a question.

Finding peace in their hearts.

Singing with actions.

Peace in the heart.

Funny skits showing what is peace.

Presenting gifts to the school.


A wish for more peace in the world.

Beautiful harbour views along the way.

Running to Warkworth.

Waiting in the shade for the Warkworth Primary School students to assemble in the hall.

Preetidutta being interviewed by local newspaper in Warkworth.

Talking to students about this year's Peace Run involving 44 Southern Hemisphere countries.

Funny skits to show peace what is not peace as decided by the students.

A student with very good geography skills (discovered during the country guessing game) is presented with The Peace Run Certificate of Appreciation.

The Peace Run Team also presents Artwork.

Student adds the school qualities to their leaf.

The peace tree receives a new schools leaf.

Back on the road.

Sharing the message of peace with everyone we meet.

Sean running the hill in the beautiful countryside.