March 16, 2019 Live from the road

Palmerston North - Masterton

Reported by Preetidutta Thorpe 93.0 km

We arre very excited to be given tickets to the famous Central District Field Days in Feilding. A festival of farming and fun.

Raplor Rubs are so happy to see the Peace Torch and hear about the Peace Run that they give us some delicious spices to spice up our meals!

The organising team hold the torch.

And the More FM Mascot gives us the thumbs up.

We meet Lauren Marney and Molly Donald from Wairarapa College.

Natabara is interviewed over the loud speaker.

Digger contest.

Toys for boys!

A very friendly and enthusiastic peace lover wishes us well and really appreciates what we are offering to New Zealand after the sad event in Christchurch yesterday.

We try our best in an excavator challenge.

A dog show entertains us.

Boys being boys.

After the field day we begin our running from Palmerston North to Masterton.

Arriving into Masterton we have a very special Maori welcome organised by the Aratoi Museum.

A karakia, a Maori prayer, was given.

A very deserving recipient of our Torch-Bearer Award, Haami Te Whaiti. Haami is a representative of Ngati Kahungunu and has worked selflessly for many years in fostering the understanding between Maori and Pakeha.

A formal welcome, the hongi, is a traditional Maori greeting in which two people press their noses and foreheads together. Our forehead reminds us of the crown of the great trees, our nose is the trunk.
We remember that we are interrelated and part of the oneness of everything that exists.

Haami and his granddaughter.

We plant two baby kawakawa outside the museum. The leaves of this tree have many medicinal and culinary uses so will self-givingly serve the community with a supply of leaves for picking.

The baby trees receive a blessing.

We are served delicious tea and cakes.

Children's books entertain.

Thank you kindly to The Highwayman Motel for hosting the men's team tonight.

A big thank you to Sue, our dear friend from Discovery Motor Lodge for generously hosting the girl's team.

Torch carried by
Anita Ramljak (Croatia), Deeptaksha Mihaylov (Bulgaria), Natabara Rollosson (United States), Neelabha Šenkýřová (Czech Republic), Nurari Merry (Great Britain), Preetidutta Thorpe (New Zealand), Rathin Boulton (Australia), Sandro Zincarini (Italy), Satyagraha Vladimir Salnicov (Moldova).  
Satyagraha Vladimir Salnicov
The torch has travelled 93.0 km from Palmerston North to Masterton.

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