New Zealand 20 March: Nelson - St Arnaud

From Nelson to the beautiful lake of Rotoiti

When we started running this morning in Nelson, we met some of the kids from yesterday's school visits. They were very happy to see us running!

Jim is an amazing team member.

There were 2 school visits planned today.

The first one was at Brightwater School.

They liked our presentation.

Can you tell me some other words for peace?

Love, friendship, caring...

Feeling peace in the heart - something we try to do every day before we start running.

Do you want to become members of our Peace Team?

Then you have to learn our song - and some actions that go with it :-)

Some skits to see if everyone knows what a peaceful action is.

Brightwater's school leaf says Relationships

We took the torch out to the school field where everyone got a chance to hold it or run with it.

We were so honored to visit the oldest school in New Zealand, Wakefield School. Last year they had their 175th year anniversary! As we ran in they were lining the pavement holding really amazing artwork they had made for the Peace Run team.

Older students were on camp, but we had a great audience of the younger students.

They all became members of our team by learning our song (with actions), by learning our motto (Peace begins with me) and... holding our peace torch and making their wish for peace.

Our tree is starting to become filled with leaves.

Some of their beautiful artwork on display.

They gave us some mugs, pens and a bag as a gift. We were so touched.

Thank you so much Wakefield School. You really made our whole day.

We ended up on a gravel road with some obstacles we had to clear.

The stunning lake with surrounding mountains was a great reward after our run today.

Water was cold but that was good for our tired muscles.