New Zealand 23 March: Hokitika - Franz Josef

Up to the Franz Josef Glacier.

Sunrise at Greymouth...

A local artisan shows us his woodworking space.

...and his beautiful wooden toys.

Making our way to the glacier...

A well-deserved break!

Approaching the destination.

After our run is over, we walk up to the Franz Josef Glacier. This was one of the waterfalls adorning the way.

And finally we reach the glacier, with its beautiful blue hue!

We pass the torch among the other people that come to admire the glacier.

One of our team members goes for a helicopter ride!

Ready for take off...

...and up in the air!

Over the beautiful glacier...

...and onto the glacier itself!

Many thanks to the Rainforest Retreat who very kindly host our team for the night, in the lively and lovely town of Franz Josef

Sunset announces the end of the day...

...and we head off for a tasty Indian meal... the Copper Pot Restaurant, which very kindly sponsored our meal.
The food was delicious, as well as their warm reception. Thank you Copper Pot!