New Zealand 25 March: Haast - Wanaka

From the West Coast to Otago

Nature is vast in beautiful Haast!

Jim with a fellow Haast visitor, who is in the area with his students to do a research project on kiwis (the birds).

Jim also took our first run leg in the driving rain! The torch was briefly alight for the first few steps.

"That's a nice boat", muses Jim.

Another gorgeous lake.

Rathin takes to the road.

Preetidutta with the Peace Torch.

Anita along the way.

Deeptaksha takes a breather as his shirt dries.

We meet some peace-lovers on the road.

Running past the immense Lake Hawea.

Vera with a German tourist.

...and another one!

Meeting some Austrian tourists.

With Frankie the dog at the Lake Hawea petrol station, which generously gave the team a fuel voucher!

Some locals at Wanaka.

Our day's destination, Lake Wanaka.