July 28, 2022 Live from the road

Waitetuna School - Raglan Library

Reported by Daniel Rubin 20.0 km

Grey, rainy clouds gave way to rays of light to illumine Vera, Nurari and Don on their way to Waitetuna School in the Waikato.

Students from Waitetuna streak ahead moments after receiving the torch. Catch me if you can!

Are these future running stars! They make running look easy.

Alister represents Waitetuna as he poses with Daniel who hands over artwork from the founder of the Peace Run, Sri Chinmoy.

Students from Te Uku Road take delight in passing the torch hand to hand.

Let's run and share the torch !

Children in Te Uku School pass the torch around, passing the flame of peace.

Te Mata School is situated in a beautiful country side.

Hey coach can I have the ball!

A class room had essays on the wall about well-known peace lovers.

It's lunch-time! See you next time, Te Mata School.

The weather holds for a run into Raglan Area School.

Joseph Rao is a real peace lover and is super supportive of the Peace Run. Thank-you for making us feel at home. He hands over to Tayne who gives a wonderful mihi (a welcome speech in Maori) to the team and the founder of the run, Sri Chinmoy.

Outside the Raglan Library we played music for the public. Niki Stevens is a music teacher at Raglan Area School and a well travelled professional musician. We were delighted at his spontaneous compositions dedicated to the ideals of peace and friendship. Niki gratefully received the Torch Bearer Award for his selfless dedication to fostering a better world through sharing his gift for playing music. We would love to see you again, Niki!

Thanks to Amy and all the staff at Raglan Library for hosting us and exhibiting artwork from Raglan children around the library.

This is Maya holding the torch - we visited her school yesterday.

Ru is a local who gets inspired about the run. He is very fit and delights the team with his enthusiasm on our run on Raglan beach.

Thanks to Leanne and Raglan Holiday Park for participating in the Peace Run and providing us with great accomodation and really great facilities!

Torch carried by
Daniel Rubin (South Africa), Don Kerr (New Zealand), Nishima Knowsley (New Zealand), Nurari Merry (Great Britain), Shenghong Huang (China), Vera Sevastiyanova (New Zealand).  
Shenghong Huang
The torch has travelled 20.0 km from Waitetuna School to Raglan Library.

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