Oct. 21, 2022 Live from the road

Matangi - Cambridge

Reported by Emily Oliver 15.0 km

The Peace Torch was carried through the heart of the Waikato District, and the team of runners were so excited to visit two local schools and meet all the children. Our first stop was at Matangi School.

The kids at Matangi School gathered to greet the Peace Runners. Everyone got to watch a video about where the torch has been all over the world and all the people who have held it.

The Peace Runners decided to test the kids on whether certain situations were peaceful or not peaceful by doing some skits. Is it peaceful to pull someone else back in a race so you can win? No!

Is it peaceful to help each other when someone is struggling? Yes!

Everybody came outside to hold the Peace Torch...

...and we all went for a run with the torch together! The kids at Matangi School are such good runners, we want them all to join the Peace Run team!

Eventually we had to say goodbye to Matangi School. As their school sign says. "Enter to learn - Leave to serve." We learned a lot about peace from the kids at Matangi School, and we're excited to carry their hopes and dreams for peace with the Peace Torch to our next destination.

Setting off to run through the sunny Waikato towards Cambridge.

Always checking before crossing the road!

Hastakamala takes the torch for the next leg of the relay.

Carrying the Peace Torch always makes us smile!

In the afternoon we arrived at Cambridge Primary School.

The kids had lots of questions for the Peace Runners!

Everyone got to hold the Peace Torch, then pass it on to the next person. This way all our wishes and aspirations for peace go into the flame and travel on around the world.

Torch carried by
Anubha Baird (Australia), Emily Oliver (New Zealand), Hastakamala Diaz (Australia), Mandra Laing (New Zealand), Preetidutta Thorpe (New Zealand), Vera Sevastiyanova (New Zealand).  
Mandra Laing
The torch has travelled 15.0 km from Matangi to Cambridge.

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