Feb. 17, 2023 Live from the road

New Plymouth - Oakura

Reported by Vera Sevastiyanova 52.0 km

Our mens team stayed at an Air B&B hosted by this lovely family who were thrilled to hold our torch- thank you!

We started our day by visiting Spotswood Primary School. We were enthusiastically welcomed by a few students.

Children happily played our "Guess the country game".

We all had a moment of feeling peace inside our hearts together.

Each class discussed what peace means to them prior to our arrival. The principal, Mark Fisher, invited a few students from each class to share their thoughts on peace.

Room 6
Peace - "Showing Kindness and Aroha to each other".

A big thank you to all the children of Spotswood Primary for creating and sharing their heart felt and beautiful yearnings for peace with us.

We invited all the teachers to hold the Peace Torch. Students applauded their teachers as a thank you for all that they do for them.

Making wishes for peace.

The House Leaders happily ran with the Peace Torch.

At the end of our visit a Peace Tree was planted by the children.

A big thank you Spotswood Primary for welcoming us so enthusiastically, and to the House Captains pictured who so lovingly planted their new Peace Tree!

Our next visit was to Welbourn School, where we were super enthusiastically welcomed by this teacher and students!

This young man opened the ceremony with a whaikōrero- an official Maori welcome.

We played a country guessing game, where students guessed all the countries where we were from.

Singing the "World Harmony Run Song" with actions together.

We all took a few moments to feel peace in our hearts.

We all acted out peaceful and not so peaceful skits for the children.

We all thanked teachers for everything they do for children.

Teachers went for a run around the hall to an enthusiastic cheering of the children.

All students had a chance to hold the Torch and make a wish for Peace.

School motto: "Fair Care Share", with the beautiful Mt Taranaki in the background.

Afterwards everyone had a chance to go for a peace run with the torch.

Thank you Welbourn School for such a delightful visit!

Oakura School welcomed us next.

Rathin introducing our Peace Run motto to the children. "Peace begins with me"

Students performed a beautiful waiata for us.

A non peaceful running race skit.

Everyone agreed it was not peaceful.

Thank you Oakura school!!

Time to hold the torch!

What a great group of kids!

Time to run!

Last but not least was our special visit to Green School New Zealand, the first of its kind here in NZ, and one of only a handful of schools like it in the world. Interestingly, The Peace Run visited the first of its kind, Green School Bali, several years ago.
Pearl was the first of three students to relay the torch towards the assembly hall. She is joined here by Rachel Perrett, co-founder of Green School NZ.

For some time we have wanted to offer our Torch-Bearer award to the legendary Kiwi ultra runner and server of humanity, Lisa Tamati. Lisa actually arranged for our visit to Green School, as she is long term friends with Rachel. Unfortunately Lisa's mother was critically ill so at the last minute she was unable to come. Rachel lovingly received the Torch Bearer award on behalf of her dear friend.

Lisa's niece, Ocean, presented Lisa with the award. Thank you Lisa for all you do to be the best you can possibly be and to make the world a better place! You are most deserving of great recognition and we are very grateful to finally be able to offer our Torch-Bearer Award to you!!!

A little about Lisa...Health optimisation, longevity and anti-aging Queen, Lisa is an extreme ultra endurance athlete with 25 years experience competing in over 140 of the world's toughest endurance events and leading and participating in expeditions. She is also a documentary maker, has hosted her own TV show, is a human potential expert & is a mental toughness, resilience, health optimisation coach.
She is the author of three best selling books "Running Hot" "Running to Extremes" and her latest book is "Relentless - How a mother and daughter defied the odds". A book telling the one in a million comeback story of bringing her mother Isobel back from the brink of death after a major aneurysm left her with massive brain damage at the age of 74 to full health within 3 years and against all odds & medical prognoses.
Lisa is the owner & founder of Lisa Tamati Enterprises, focusing on Motivational Speaking, Health Optimisation Coaching, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Longevity & Anti-Aging Supplementation, Author of three best selling books "Running Hot", "Running To Extremes", "Relentless" & host of the globally top 200 ranked show in health, fitness & medicine "Pushing the Limits" podcast.

From Lisa upon receiving the award:
"I was so honoured to be given this incredible award - The Torch Bearer award history and previous recipients humble me and I am privileged.
It is my profound wish to have a massive impact in the world for good whether that be through my running or through my work helping people optimise health and educating and advocating in the health sector.
Every recipient has a mission in this world and understands the need for a bigger purpose and the team around the world doing the Peace Run live that ethos everyday with their work and actions.
Thanks for being a force for good in the world."

The words to a beautiful waiata everyone sang for us to end the ceremony.

We were kindly given a tour around the school grounds. Here we are in the school's garden.

We were generously offered a few vegetables from the garden.

Our tour guide, Andreas, was simply the best!

The school swimming pool!!!

Thank you Green School for an unforgettable visit and a fantastic tour around your school!
What a wonderful ending to a super inspiring day!

A big thank you to Carrington Motel for accommodating our mens team for the night!

Torch carried by
Don Kerr (New Zealand), Harita Davies (New Zealand), Hastakamala Diaz (Australia), Niryana Marshall (New Zealand), Preetidutta Thorpe (New Zealand), Rathin Boulton (Australia), Vera Sevastiyanova (Russia).  
Harita Davies, Niryana Marshall, Preetidutta Thorpe
The torch has travelled 52.0 km from New Plymouth to Oakura.

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