Feb. 19, 2023 Live from the road

New Plymouth - Hawera

Reported by Daniel Rubin 69.0 km

Running in Okato, Daniel met some friends who wished peace to all.

A view of Taranaki draped with an iconic long, white cloud. The team climbed the mountain yesterday.

Rathin ran 11km along the Surf Highway to Hawera

An aptly named Peace Avenue.

Thank-you to Yolkie of The Park Motel for supporting the Peace Run - a delightful place to stay and relax.

Torch carried by
Daniel Rubin (South Africa), Mark Harvey (New Zealand), Rathin Boulton (Australia).  
Daniel Rubin, Mark Harvey, Rathin Boulton
The torch has travelled 69.0 km from New Plymouth to Hawera.

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