Feb. 21, 2023 Live from the road

Kai Iwi Beach Holiday Park - Palmerston North City Council

Reported by Daniel Rubin 118.0 km

Debbie Cain and Les Wilson on their training ride stopped to offer their goodwill to the Peace Run.

Les is a gold medal winner from the 1976 Montreal Olympics when New Zealand won in the field hockey.

Aranui Primary School welcomes Peace Run

Aranui Primary School learn actions to a song with the words: "world harmony run".

Vera asks questions to the children: "what does peace mean to you?".

Students give the thumbs up to a skit showing kindness.

Recipients of the Peace Ambassador Award are Rylee-storm, Mia, Gemini and Harper for showing kindness.

The Peace Run team presents to the delightful children at Durie Hill School.

Soraya came all the way from Wellington to run a relay leg to Palmerston North. Every mile helps us!

Athletic reps from Nga Tawa Diocesan meet the team in Marton.

At Nga Tawa Diocesan School's athletics meet.

Houses run relay style around the athletics field, passing the torch to the next house.

Councillor Kaydee Zabelin graciously receives the team in the Palmerston North Council building. She is a brilliant ambassador for the city and gave hear whole-hearted encouragement to the team. Our admiration also goes to Palmerston North Mayor Grant Smith who is visiting the Hawkes Bay region in an effort to assist the flood-disaster zone. Palmerston North has a city council that we can all be proud of.

Thanks to Sally Dallas for her wonderful hospitality and having us stay with her in Palmerston North. She tends to a most charming garden with flowers, bees, finches and organic fruit!

Torch carried by
Daniel Rubin (New Zealand), Harita Davies (New Zealand), Hastakamala Diaz (Australia), Mark Harvey (New Zealand), Preetidutta Thorpe (New Zealand), Rathin Boulton (Australia).  
Accompanied by  
Soraya Sewambar
Harita Davies
The torch has travelled 118.0 km from Kai Iwi Beach Holiday Park to Palmerston North City Council.

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