Oct. 16, 2023 Live from the road

Putere - Tutira

Reported by Mark Harvey 30.0 km

Peace Run team arriving outside Putere School.

Putere School students feeling peaceful.

Jack Receives our Certificate of Appreciation.

Putere School teachers Rony and Kelly holding the Peace Torch.

Putere School and Snowy the dog stand up for peace.

Planting Putere School's Peace Tree.

Peace Run team outside Putorino School.

Putorino School with Kotemaori School students.

Peace in the Playground.

All the students around the newly planted Peace Tree.

Tutira School.

Tutira School students with peace in their heart.

Mark leading the song and actions to the World Harmony Run song.

Students join in with the Peace Run team, to sing and perform the actions, to the World Harmony Run song.

Tutira School Certificate of Appreciation awarded to teachers Charlotte, Lynn and Teresa.

Tutira School student Zoe gives the Peace Run team a Thankyou Card.

Holding the Peace Torch and making a wish for peace.

Tutira School students running for peace.

Tutira School students plant their Peace Tree.

Farewell to Tutira School!

Daniel found a place to rest on the peace run.

Don, run, run, running for peace.

Daniel running toward Napier after the school visits.

Torch carried by
Ailsa Barker (New Zealand), Daniel Ruben (New Zealand), Don Kerr (New Zealand), Jim Lawless (New Zealand), Mark Harvey (New Zealand), Nirakara Lincoln (New Zealand), Preetidutta Thorpe (New Zealand).  
Mark Harvey
The torch has travelled 30.0 km from Putere to Tutira.

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