Sept. 26, 2023 Live from the road

Paola - Cosenza

Reported by Subimal Alfredo De Joannon, Sumandala Cenni 90.0 km

The Journey of Peace in Calabria starts from Sanctuary of San Francesco da Paola.

In a remarkable celebration of the International Day of Peace, the "Calabria Land of Peace and Brotherhood" program embarked on a journey of profound significance, commencing in Rome at the Chamber of Deputies and the majestic Archaeological Park of the Colosseum on September 21st.

This symbolic expedition commenced with the arrival of the Peace Run torch at the holiest of Calabrian sanctuaries, the Sanctuary of San Francesco da Paola.

The torch's arrival was met with a warm welcome from distinguished civil and religious dignitaries, serving as a potent symbol of humanity's shared aspiration for peace and the unity of Calabrian communities.

The inaugural event of the "Calabria Land of Peace and Brotherhood" initiative commenced at 10 a.m., with its epicenter at the Sanctuary of San Francesco da Paola. This visionary project, conceived by the Colors for Peace Association, boasts collaborative participation from Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run Italia and Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Italia, under the stewardship of the Municipality of Tarsia and the Patronship of the Region of Calabria and the Province of Cosenza. This ambitious undertaking has garnered widespread support from across the Province of Cosenza, with numerous institutions and associations joining the cause. Distinguished attendees included Father Francesco Trebisonda, Provincial of the Minims; Bishop Giovanni Checchinato of Cosenza; Monsignor Maurizio Aloise, Bishop of Rossano Cariati; Father Ibrahim Faltas, Vicar of the Custody of the Holy Land; Don Pino Straface; Mayor of Tarsia Roberto Ameruso; and Mayor of Paola Giovanni Politano.

The event provided a platform for key figures, including Adriana Grispo, the program's coordinator; Roberto Cannizzaro of the Municipality of Tarsia; Mario Gallo representing Colors for Peace; and Alfredo De Joannon from Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run Italy, to elucidate the objectives and vision of the Calabria Land of Peace and Brotherhood project. Moreover, this gathering served as an invaluable opportunity to cultivate future collaborative efforts between the initiative's proponents and the institutions operating in the Holy Land.

Discussions centered on initiatives aimed at schools under the aegis of the Custody of the Holy Land, such as the creation of peace-themed artwork and exhibitions, and the prospect of organizing a Peace Run edition in Jerusalem involving local schools, with the participation of students from Christian, Jewish and Muslim communities.

Concluding the presentation, the torch of Peace Run embarked on a journey to meet with mayors and schools across the municipalities of the Province of Cosenza, where mayors pledged their commitment to the "Calabria Land of Peace and Brotherhood" Pact. The program will culminate on the 29th in Ferramonti di Tarsia.

Alfredo De Joannon President of the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run Italia about the project: **«**It is an immense honor for us to participate in the 'Calabria Land of Peace and Brotherhood' program, a pioneering initiative that places Calabria at the forefront of promoting a culture of peace. It contributes to unlocking and networking the boundless potential of the Calabrian people. We are very grateful to all organizers for inviting us to be part of this important program. This initiative also offers a precious opportunity for Calabrian communities to reconnect with their roots, spiritual values, and moral principles, all of which serve as guiding lights for a brighter future.»

The complete video coverage of the event is available at this link on the FB page of the Sanctuary of San Francesco da Paola:

The Peace Torch arrives at San Marco Argentano

After the conclusion of the event in Paola, the Peace Run team together with the promoting delegation from Calabria Terra di Pace e Fratellanza reached the Municipality of San Marco Argentano where a welcoming ceremony took place. We thank Monsignor Rega, Bishop of the Diocese of San Marco-Scalea, the Municipality of San Marco Argentano, the associations present and the "V. Selvaggi" comprehensive institute. A special thank you to the guys from the Kairos Il Tempo delle Opportunities association and to the Rotary Club of San Marco Argentano. At the end of the meeting San Marco Argentano joined the list of municipalities that have joined the Calabria Land of Peace and Brotherhood Pact by signing the manifesto. His Excellency the Archbishop of San Marco Argentano warmly welcomed the initiative with words of inspiration and encouragement. In particular, referring to the Peace Torch, he said, "May this flame of peace illuminate us, may this flame of peace warm our hearts, and ultimately, may this flame of peace consume our negative intentions."

Cosenza Embraces the Peace Torch

The Peace Torch, bearing its profound message of Peace and Brotherhood, made its momentous arrival in the city of Cosenza, an event that has evoked unwavering commitment from the entire Province of Cosenza. President Rosaria Succurro's passionate endorsement of this endeavor carries a powerful message of hope, particularly against the backdrop of ongoing conflicts in the heart of Europe. Succurro emphasized, "In this time of war, this event takes on a profound significance, which is why we felt a strong imperative to welcome the torch." This initiative is not merely symbolic but deeply rooted in the active participation of a vast network of municipalities, dioceses, schools, and associations within the province of Cosenza. It has emerged as a dynamic tool to empower institutions in imparting the timeless values of peace and brotherhood to their citizens, forging bonds between peoples. The anticipated outcomes of this collaborative endeavor are multifaceted. Firstly, it seeks to cultivate a heightened awareness of historical sites such as the Ferramonti internment camp, where, as Monsignor Francesco Savino, Vice President of the CEI, aptly notes, "humanity endured despite all odds." Secondly, it aspires to nurture a more inclusive and supportive Calabria, actively participating in European citizenship, an essential pillar for sociopolitical stability and a catalyst for the social development of nations. Lastly, the program aims to instill the concept of memory as a potent instrument for fostering peace and brotherhood among the upcoming generations. At the end of the event, the civil authorities reaffirmed their commitment to the "Calabria Land of Peace and Brotherhood" Pact by signing the official document. This solemn act symbolizes their dedication to upholding the values of peace and unity within their communities. As if to bestow its divine blessing upon this remarkable day, a beautiful and auspicious rainbow appeared in the sky, serving as a perfect metaphysical signature. It was a breathtaking moment, an emblem of hope and harmony, resonating with the spirit of unity that permeated the event. This iridescent arc seemed to whisper that even amidst turmoil, Calabria's commitment to peace and brotherhood would shine as brightly as the colors in the sky, casting a radiant glow upon the province and beyond.

Torch carried by
Mahiya Lindner (Germany), Matteo Lotti (Italy), Subimal Alfredo De Joannon (Italy), Sumandala Cenni (Italy).  
Matteo Lotti, Subimal Alfredo De Joannon, Sumandala Cenni
The torch has travelled 90.0 km from Paola to Cosenza.

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