Mai 21, 2018 Live from the road

Ramnicu Valcea - Campulung

Reported by Luiza Hariton 84.0 km

We start another wonderful day with a visit to Mircea cel Batran high school.

The children are full of energy running with the torch.

Peace in the Heart.

Anita finds a Potuguese sister.

Our Serbian runner, Jadranka, does some mileage.

Group photo with the children from Ciofrangeni.

Special thanks to the Invictus group who joined us for a few kilometers and carried the torch to the town centre. They were very fast and enthusiastic!

We meet the Vice-Mayor of Curtea de Arges who gave a very nice speech about the importance of Peace in the world.

In the afternoon we visit Basarab 1st School.

The children offer a beautiful tradational Romanian song.

We recieve the traditional bread and salt welcome.

The students prepared stunning artwork for us.

The school Principal holds the torch.

Adrian scares us by showing us the mountains we will have to run up tomorrow!

Torch carried by
Adrian Papuc (Romania), Andrey Stefanov (Bulgaria), Anita Costa (Portugal), Devashishu Torpy (Great Britain), Drsalu Grünstäudl (Austria), Frederic Ashcharjya Gat (France), Gheorghe Cebotaru (Moldova), Helene Beyer (Germany), Jadranka Grbic (Serbia), Luiza Hariton (Romania), Puruvaj Nikolic (Serbia), Romanian runners (Romania), Ukrainian Runners (Ukraine), Vijayanta Viglov (Bulgaria).  
Anita Costa
The torch has travelled 84.0 km from Ramnicu Valcea to Campulung.

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