Mai 24, 2018 Live from the road

Onesti - Roman

Reported by Adrian Papuc, Sadanand Magee 98.0 km

Early this morning we meet the weightlifting coach at Nadia Comaneci Sports Club. The young athletes were alerady practicing their weightlfting techniques and happy to meet the team.

Ashcharjya, our French runner, pretends to be very strong!

A beautiful friendly dog is delighted to see us!

And now it's time guessed!

We stop for a picnic in the welcome shade of the sun.

The sky is incredible today. We are treated to endless scenic beauty in Romania.

Our Ukrainian team members are always so enthusiatic and have been a great help in covering the mileage each day.

Anita makes a friend.

Our first school visit of the day is to Vasile Alecsandri Highschool where we receive a very warm welcome.

A moment of Peace.

Everyone gathers for a group photo.

The teacher for physical education accepts the certificate of appreciation from the the Peace Run. He played sports for many years as a talented goalkeeper and he now loves teaching children the benefits of sport and teamwork.

We then run to the Highschool of Art close by where the children are waiting in anticipation.

The teacher of sports at the school tells us about the talented young students at this school for art, music and architecture.

We run through the town of Bacau and it's beautiful Cathedral.

Our thanks to the police for escorting us as we leave Bacau and run towards the town of Roman.

We meet some very friendly locals on the way...

...and their friendly dogs.

Adrian our local runner from Bacau cools down after a run in the hot sun.

In Roman we are welcomed by the Town Mayor. He expresses his happiness in having met the Peace Runners and wishes us well as we travel onwards on our journey towards Lisbon, Portugal in October.

We relax by a fountain in the town sqaure after a busy day on the road.

Having fun with some onlooking children.

Thanks to the Police team in Roman who escorted us into the town hall.

Torch carried by
Adrian Papuc (Romania), Andrey Stefanov (Bulgaria), Anita Costa (Portugal), Drsalu Grünstäudl (Austria), Frederic Ashcharjya Gat (France), Helene Beyer (Germany), Jadranka Grbic (Serbia), Puruvaj Nikolic (Serbia), Romanian runners (Romania), Sadanand Magee (Ireland), Ukrainian Runners (Ukraine), Vijayanta Viglov (Bulgaria).  
Anita Costa, Sadanand Magee
The torch has travelled 98.0 km from Onesti to Roman.

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