May 23, 2018 Live from the road

Chula Vista, CA - National City, CA

Reported by Salil Wilson

Our morning began with a very exciting reception from Stephen W Hawking Charter school. Principal Kirti Srivastava carried the torch into the assembly.

This young fellow recited a beautifully heartfelt poem he had written a few months earlier.

This young girl also shared with us her heartfelt poem.

Nikolaus introduced the team.

A beautiful and enthusiastic student body.

Ms. Tawny DeAlva, who was instrumental in organizing the event, enjoys a moment of silence with the children.

We were treated to a tabla performance by the
"World Music Class."

Mayor of Chula Vista, Mary Salas, came and presented Torch-Bearer awards to selected students.

Chula Vista Council Member Mike Diaz also participated.

Passing the torch.

Last thing we went for a run!

Our next school was Rancho de la Nacion Elementary in National City.

Nikolaus and Grahak took us back in time to 1987 when the Peace Run began.

Actions to the World Harmony Run song.

Award recipients for excellence in creative writing.

Principal Katherine Melanese was one of the surprise Torch-Bearer recipients.

Mayor of National City, Ron Morrison, has been a long time and enthusiastic supporter of the Peace Run. He is a true believer in the value of creating a good and harmonious community and has served as Mayor for 12 years and 14 years before that as a council member!

Ms. Janice Martineli of the National City Historical Society came to receive a Torch-Bearer award.

Ms. Maribel Gavin, Principal of Sweetwater High was another Torch-Bearer recipient. Her husband and her Administrative Assistant were on hand to receive the award on her behalf.

Mayor Morrison presents us with a proclamation.

Holding the torch.

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Torch carried by
Banshidhar Medeiros (United States), Grahak Cunningham (Australia), Harita Davies (New Zealand), Homagni Baptista (Australia), Kaspars Rutkis (Latvia), Mandra Laing (New Zealand), Natabara Rollosson (United States), Nikolaus Drekonja (Austria), Papaha Gosline (United States), Salil Wilson (Australia), Tanuja Konečná (Czech Republic), Varunavi Klabnikova (Switzerland), Vasudha Deming (United States), Zuzana Klásková (Czech Republic).  
Kaspars Rutkis

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