Romania 25 May: Roman - Iasi

Full of awe at seeing the Peace Torch

We are ready for a full day of activities after a wholesome breakfast at Roman athletics club.

The first school of the day is Scoala Mihai Emimeseu where we are warmly received.

The school Principal passes the torch to one of his pupils.

This girl is full of awe at seeing the Peace torch.

The children give us a joyful sending off as we depart from the school.

Next we visit Roman Voda national college. The teenagers have fun guessing what country the international runners are from.

While ruuning in Roman we meet a very enthusiastic group of highschool graduates.

Farewell to Luiza and Helene who depart today. Luiza did a wonderful job with organistation and giving school presentations.

On the outskirts of Targu Fumos we meet students from Garabaret Ibraileanu School who run with us to their School.

At the school entrance we part-take in the traditional bread and salt welcome.

A full program of talented musicians and dancers perform for us.

We take part in a traditional celebration dance.

The Vice Mayor of Targu Frumos offers us the town crest and wishes us well on our onward journey.

The whole school gathers for a photo.

Our Bulgarian runner, Andrey, has his birthday today and he receives a birthday hug from these young students.

The school Principal is most welcoming and we take a photo with some school staff before departing.

At the town of Budai, some teenagers from the local sports club are waiting to run a few kilometers with us.

We meet some children from the local school in Budai. They have drawn some beautiful artwork for us.

That is one big football!

We run at a good tempo into the City of Iasi.

The Mayor of Iasi officially welcomes us and invies us for a reception at the city hall.

The Mayor recieves a painting entitled 'World Harmony' by Sri Chinmoy.

The Mayor personally signs a collection of photographic postcards of the City scape and offers one to each and every runner.

At end of the day we are treated to some tasty pizza...

...and we celebrate Andrey's birthday with some delicious chocolate cake.