Moldova 26 May: Iasi - Nisporeni

Moldova, a small nation with a big heart

Bright and early this morning we run the last few kilometers from Iasi to the Moldovian border. We have had an amazing peace run in Romania and are really touched by the hospitality and kindness we have received.

In Romania, we have been running through such beautiful countryside and have been blessed with blue sky and sunshine everyday.

Our journey now takes us to Moldova, a small nation with a big heart.

The border guards are very friendly and are excited to hold the Peace Torch that will be carried across their country.

We are immediately greeted by natures beauty... and a friendly goat.

Our first meeting is in Ungheni. We meet some very friendly children and teenagers who are delighted to meet the international team.

The Mayor of Ungheni the torch and commends the International Team on their endeavour to share the message of Peace.

In Costuleni we have a bit of an adventure to find the sports ground but when we do there is a group of joyful children waiting to meet us.

We pause for a moment to feel the beauty of peace.

It's time to run!

Onwards we run with a police escort the whole way.

In Macaresti, these bright happy faces greet us with the customary bread and salt offering.

These fit local athletes join us for seven kilometers through their neighbourhood. The pace is fast!

A gaggle of geese!

We stop to take in the lovely views.

In Soltanesti, the Mayor and village folk have gathered to welcome the Team.

This is a small village with big hearts.

At the edge of the town of Nisporeni some runners join to run the last stretch of the day.

Our timing is perfect. We arrive just in time to join the big celebration for the 400th anniversary of the town of Nisporeni. The Vice Mayor has been very helpful in organising our visit.

We are invited to join for a traditonal Moldovian celebration dance. We try our best to follow the steps of the dance.

The members of the town council receive certificates of appreciation and two large pieces of artwork on the theme of peace.

Many local performers are present for the big festival and they are very happy to hold the Peace Torch in the spirit of oneness.

Talented young performers!

We end the day with many pictures of happiness.