Moldova 27 May: Nisporeni - Mandresti

From old to young

Good morning Moldova!

Time for another happy day of running :-)

We find an old well by the road and the boys are delighted to hoist up a bucket of refreshing natural water.

The first meeting of the day is in Lozova. Everyone from the village, from old to young, gather to welcome the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run.

The youth of the village join us for two kilometers on the scenic route.

In Sadova the Mayor gives us a sincere welcome and tells about the sporting and community catives of the town.

These local students perform some traditional French songs with their French teacher.

Vasiliy hangs out with the locals!

Some young athletes with their sports coach (right).

The Mayor of Sadova leads the way for a run to the outskirts of the village.

It begins with a steady uphill climb but everyone is still smiling.

Good work! Five kilometers distance covered.

Yes, believe it or not, this is our next road to run in order to get to the town of Calarasi.

At the edge of Calarasi we are met by local athletes who are ready to run!

This young runner leads the way to our next ceremony.

We are met by the Vice Mayor of Calarasi who is extremely kind and makes us feel very welcome. We offer a certificate of appreciation and Jharna Kala artwork by Sri Chinmoy. Following the ceremony the town council most kindly sponsers a meal for the Peace Run team.

Some local children offer us a song and then give each runner a lovely dove of peace that they have made.

Gena always wanted his own dove :-)

We are treated to a tour of the town museum and we discover some fascinating history and artifacts from Calarasi.

Gena tries to find his way home to Ukraine with an old map.

Our Bulgarian runner, Vijayanta, is afraid of his own reflection!

Some traditional Balalaikas and Dombras.

Beautiful stained glass artwork.

After lunch we are on the road again and this group of teenagers leads the way to Tibirica.

We recieve a big cheer as we arrive.

The Mayor of Tibirica holds the torch and extends a warm welcome to the Peace Run.

Mother and daughter sing a beautiful traditional song together.

The torch passes from old to young.

We are treated to some delicious refreshments in the shade.

Then we enjoy running through some beautiful countryside.

At the entrance to Budai we find many locals waiting for us. The Mayor of Budai commends us on what we are doing and wishes us well as we travel onwards through the rest of Europe.

The last meeting of the day is in Telenesti where we find another kind of torch waiting. Yes, it is an olympic torch from the games in Moscow and this athlete recieved it for his participation in the olympic games.

The Mayor of Telenesti shares some kinds words with all present. He talks about the important role sport plays in their community.

The former Olympian sends us on our way to our place of accommodation in Mandresti.